Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Clip Charts, storms and a writing page

Happy Tuesday all! I wrote this yesterday because then my internet went down…
Hope your Monday morning was much better than mine! Eeeek. I stayed at a friend's farm last night in Illionis. We were woken by people calling us around 1:15AM telling us bad storms were headed our way and to get out of the house. (It is a hunting/farm camp/house without a basement) We really didn't have anywhere to go except for a storm cellar (out in a field) or an underground duck blind out in a corn field. We chose the duck blind due to the fact that it wasn't full of water(so no snakes) . We stayed there for about an hour and thought we were safe when...

my pedicure was ruined:( sad day. Also after we came out of the hole we were surprised to see how much damage was actually done. Corn ruined. Trees down everywhere. Mr. Boyfriends front truck window smashed by a tree that fell onto it. Luckily no injuries were reported.

I went through with my promise and created two other clip-chart styles. One is a fairly simple one--the other is a fancy font. Check them out...Plain Clip Chart and Fancy Pants Clip Chart.

I also created three simple writing pages that can be used in any projects. You can download the PDF by clicking on the link below the photos:)
Click here

Well I am having getting an error uploading the other one on google docs. So I will edit this post when it comes up:( sorry ladies!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rick Morris Clip Chart

Happy Friday Lovers! I am exceptionally happy that it is Friday because I'm heading to Illionis to spend time with Mr. Boyfriend and he has this wonderful idea to drive an hour to go to dinner.. Sounds like super fun huh? Yea right..anywho

During my wonderful student teaching experience I was introduced to a behavior management technique that changed my life! Not joking. We flipped cards in my elementary school and I clearly remember the person who made me flip two cards to use the bathroom (because I used it too often, sorry Lady!) (Can we say horrible teacher? YES. Who can tell a 7 year old to hold their potty?) Okay so I was traumatized and I never want that to happen to one of my students. And I'm pretty sure using the Rick Morris Clip Chart will do this! It is seriously the best invention in the whole world. It looks like this

Each student has his or her name on a clothespin. Each child starts out in the middle (like the photo above) Students can move DOWN if their behavior is bad and UP if their behavior is good! When students reach the very top of the clip chart in my classroom they received "bling". The "bling" was a simple self-adhesive rhinestone. THE KIDS LOVED THIS! The great thing about the clip chart is that if a student moves down.. say they have bad behavior in the morning but then come back and show OUTSTANDING behavior they can move back up. It is kind of like you forgive and forget. You give them a second chance. Isn't life full of second chances? I mean if you wake up and have a bad morning can't you still win the lottery the same night? Ding ding I think so people--so there is no reason to teach a child that if you have bad behavior (or a bad hour or two) you can't change and make it better. Teach them that it is THEIR decision! If you flip a card that card can never get flipped back BUT if you clip down you can always clip back up! It’s amazing. I actually need to print mine for my classroom.

You can learn more about it HERE!

I think you are suppose to buy the clip chart. But I made my own.. shhhh
Here you can have the PDF. Sorry if you don't like my fancy font. I will make a simple one and post it later!!

Download my PDF HERE

Have you all heard of this before? The school I am teaching at has not! I can't wait to incorporate this into my classroom and share it with others. I am 100% certain that this puppy won them over at the interview!

What techniques do you all use? Please share:)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

And I decided to do another too! Because I was super excited!

Ladies! Please comment by the end of the week with your name, grade level, and e-mail address so I can make you a perdy sub file cover:) Thanks all for the support!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Door sign freebies

Don't forget my 50 follower giveaway is still going on until tonight:)

Also I created two door signs! Click to download:)

Welcome to Third Grade Sign


Please Whisper...

More to come later!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50 Follower Giveaway!

Hello loves! I can't believe I have reached 50 followers already! In honor of this I'm giving away a substitute teacher file cover personalized just for...the winner! There are THREE ways you can enter:

Follow my blog- and comment that you do

Follow my TPT Store and comment that you do!

Put my button on your blog

Just copy and paste the code below

<br/><a href="http://MissThirdGrade.blogspot.com"><img border="0" width="150px" src="http://i52.tinypic.com/358th0y.jpg" target="blank"/></a>

Here are a couple I've made for other ladies!

Thank you for all the new support:)

Plus..Julie at Thoughts Of A Third Grade Teacher
is having a super giveaway! So get over there and sign up!

Lutton 519

Hurry up! Giveaway ends Wednesday (June 22nd) at Midnight! Missouri time:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cupcake Creations + multiplication quizzes

I am doing my whole room cupcake themed which I'm super excited about! Who doesn't love cake?
This is a little activity I'm having my kids to the first week of school. After they finish they will share with a friend or too. We will be hanging these in the hallway when they are finished for all to see:)

I also uploaded my timed multiplication test to my TPT store! We used similar ones in the class I student taught in and I knew I had to make my own! They are super cute.. Check them out and download the preview :)

Click here for PDF numero 1

Click here for PDF number 2

I can't wait to see how these turn out! I will share no worries:)

My helper today! Look at those lips!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I know it's not Christmas yet!

I know it isn't even close to Christmas (yea big bummer) BUT I was thinking about traditions today since it is Father's Day and I wanted to share my cute little unit I'm working on for holiday traditions... I went on a font/graphic shopping spree this weekend. Check it out! It will be in my TPT store soon.. even though its several months away I thought what the heck! It comes with 7 pages total.

My TPT Store!

Please add my TPT Store to your favorites! I only have one free item added right now but more to come soon:)



Apple Fractions!

Happy Father's Day! I'm spending mine bbqing with my family in Missouri! Beautiful weather and the Cardinals just won (yay)! Here is a little fun fraction worksheet I threw together. Just print it in black and white!! Enjoy!

Apple Fraction Worksheet

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Money Fun!

Hey all! I'm posting while sitting out on a friend's driveway in IL. It is the only place I can steal wi-fi from right now! I bet I look pretty silly to everyone driving by. I'm house sitting this weekend and have a lot of time on my hands so I'm sharing a game that we played in the 3rd grade classroom that I student taught in. I'm not sure if it has an official name or who made it up but I rewrote the directions because I didn't take a copy with me!

I'm also uploading a "cupcake glyph" sometime this weekend.. its a fun little thing I'm going to have my students complete the first week of school to share with one another. Be sure to check back! Enjoy your weekend!

Dollar Race- Click for PDF

p.s. for some reason when I uploaded it some of the money didn't fit in the boxes anymore:( makes me sad! I will work on that.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Parent letter & Alliterations

I was going through my 3rd grade folder on my desktop and thought I'd share 2 little goodies! I wanted to upload my parent letter for you all to see! I also am sharing an alliteration activity (that will later be available for my poetry unit I'm creating for TPT) that I used and the kids loved it! Eventually you would create a class book of all of them. I can't remember what book we modeled this after.. When I figure it out I will post it:)

Enjoy my loves!- they open in google docs!

My parent letter

Alliteration fun

Favorite things!

I've been reading several blogs lately about favorite things.. and I love things so I thought I'd share some of my own. Some are teacher related some are not:) in no order:

Stuart Weitzman 'Keepmoc' Loafer

I adore these puppies. I wore them soo much this late winter and (very cold) spring. They were a splurge at Nordstrom but nonetheless Stuart won my heart with these. So comfy! Lots of padding inside.

The amazing and original Judy Clock

Seen here, I'm never teaching time to 3rd graders without these things.. For EVERYONE. During my student teaching we (my host teacher and I) had the hardest time teaching time without these. The other clocks don't compare. I was so excited to find out these would be in my classroom this fall! CAN'T WAIT!

Long Champ Bag

Always a classic my blue long champ bag is always by my side at school. It holds everything and is super durable. PLUS you can throw it in the wash machine! I used it as my school bag in college.. FOR FOUR YEARS PEOPLE.

B&BW Carried Away

Run, don't walk ladies- to your nearest Bath and Body! I'm not a B&BW gal but luckily my boyfriend's family spoils me and I get new for every occasion. This smells super yummy and I always had it at my desk last semester. Lucky for you they are on sell right NOW
buy 3 get 3 free. Why not stock up??

Number line 1-100

My math teacher in college drilled one thing into all her students: no matter what grade you teach you must have a number line in your classroom. So what did I do the first day I got a job? Bought a beautiful number line that is going to go perfectly above my cursive alphabet in my room. I wouldn't dare teach without one. I think they are fabulous.

David Yurman..anything

What good girl doesn't love fine jewelry? I won't lie- I'm obsessed. I have a few pieces in my collection but would love to see it grow. However my 30k first year teaching job won't be helping me with that. A poor teacher can dream though!!

Seasonal Pencils

I'm a third grader at heart and like my kids I LOVE pencils. And I will not be letting my students use mechanical pencils on my watch. (Another great thing I learned in student teaching) I had a great time this past semester buying pencils for my kids on any occasion. I would find them at the Target dollar section or at Wal-Mart. I even went back after the holiday past to buy more on clearance for next year.. You can't beat 50% off a 12 pack of pencils! Plus I put each student's initials on their pencil with marker in case they lost it. That was one of the best ideas I think I ever had.


This was the first teaching blog I read and I loved all her ideas. I used several of them in my classroom while I student taught and I am super excited to incorporate her ideas into my room this fall. Love her!

My puppy Rage.. I mean who can resist this face?

Lake of the Ozarks + boyfriend

I met my boyfriend at the Lake of the Ozarks last summer and we have been together every since. The lake is an amazing place to relax with family and friends and I go there several times throughout the summer. Plus they have a J-crew, Ann Taylor Loft, POLO, and BCBG. ALL OUTLETS. Everything is super cheap and it is basically where I buy everything for school. Oh yes and my boyfriend is a great guy. He resides in Illinois not to far from where I live. I plan on keeping him forever.

My other class

My student teaching experience was by far the most rewarding adventure I have ever had. Everyday was amazing and my kids were the sweetest little things money could buy. I loved each of them dearly and with the help of an amazing host teacher learned more than I could ever imagine. They helped me realize how much I really do love the classroom. I miss them so much already :(

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

We all know Patricia Polacco is simply amazing and this story reassures that belief. One of my new favorites. Such a tear jerker. I still need to buy this for my room. I buy all my books used so Amazon will be a great place to purchase it!

So thats all. Please share with me what your favorite things in your classroom or life are! Being a first year teacher I need to know all the great things that I have to have for my classroom. What can't I live without? Tell me people.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm so excited that I had a shout-out on Oh' Boy 4th Grade! Over this summer I will only be posting here and there. I plan to be full swing by September. I don't get into my classroom until August 1st so I don't have much to do until then! Thank you for all my new followers. I'm so excited for this school year to start! :)

While I watched tv....

I want to make some business cards and put magnets on them to hand out at "Meet The Teacher Night"... What should I put on them? Please share!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The little things

I've been working on creating some binder covers before school starts! Here is what I have so far:)

So excited.

I'm so excited to start this blog. But first I probably need to plan my first week of school to share.