Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm so excited that I had a shout-out on Oh' Boy 4th Grade! Over this summer I will only be posting here and there. I plan to be full swing by September. I don't get into my classroom until August 1st so I don't have much to do until then! Thank you for all my new followers. I'm so excited for this school year to start! :)

While I watched tv....

I want to make some business cards and put magnets on them to hand out at "Meet The Teacher Night"... What should I put on them? Please share!!


Kristen said...

Hi! I love that idea! I think I would really like to make something like that too. On mine, I would put the school website, my class website (blog!!), phone number, email, hmmm...I would have to think some more about what else. Thanks so much for sharing such a cool idea!
Ladybug's Teacher Files

Mrs. Fine said...

Hi Miss. Janes! I've been giving parents a magnetized business card for about 9 years and they love it! I put: name, grade, class website, school classroom phone, and email on it! I buy a pack of business cards from Sam's (1000 cards for about $6) and print them off on my computer. Takes about 2 minutes each year once they are designed! Have fun designing them!

oh' boy said...

I love that idea too!!! You are so full of AWESOMEness... I will be stealing this idea from you too... I am going to look into Vista Print to see about ordering the business cards and I am thinking if you save several copies to one page and then upload it to a door magnet that Vista offers that might work too... you would just have to cut them all out... BEST of all vista offers all of this stuff for free you pay shipping... you can even create banners for you classroom!!! good luck!!!

Ashleigh said...

I love Vista Print! Last year there was a HUGE sale on the July 4th weekend, so I'm holding out on ordering anything to see if there is another sale. I like to buy brochures to hand out on open house.

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