Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Clip Charts, storms and a writing page

Happy Tuesday all! I wrote this yesterday because then my internet went down…
Hope your Monday morning was much better than mine! Eeeek. I stayed at a friend's farm last night in Illionis. We were woken by people calling us around 1:15AM telling us bad storms were headed our way and to get out of the house. (It is a hunting/farm camp/house without a basement) We really didn't have anywhere to go except for a storm cellar (out in a field) or an underground duck blind out in a corn field. We chose the duck blind due to the fact that it wasn't full of water(so no snakes) . We stayed there for about an hour and thought we were safe when...

my pedicure was ruined:( sad day. Also after we came out of the hole we were surprised to see how much damage was actually done. Corn ruined. Trees down everywhere. Mr. Boyfriends front truck window smashed by a tree that fell onto it. Luckily no injuries were reported.

I went through with my promise and created two other clip-chart styles. One is a fairly simple one--the other is a fancy font. Check them out...Plain Clip Chart and Fancy Pants Clip Chart.

I also created three simple writing pages that can be used in any projects. You can download the PDF by clicking on the link below the photos:)
Click here

Well I am having getting an error uploading the other one on google docs. So I will edit this post when it comes up:( sorry ladies!