Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A work in progress!

So I've spent all day today in my classroom going through things! I have made SO much progress then again It barely looks like I've done anything. Amazing how many hours it takes to actually prepare a classroom!
Last week!

This week! Please notice trash pile is GROWING!

Last week!

I know it is A LOT of orange.. It will be covered with posters and things though..I hope it becomes more subtle. If I did it again I would do purple..not orange.. eek.

See the horrible green cabinet?? (it has a sink in the rear and storage up front)

My mom and I transformed it into this beauty!

I can't wait to get back in tomorrow and start leveling ALL my books! My classroom seriously came with hundreds and hundreds that are already leveled and I'm bringing some of my own too! I'm excited to get it all organized! I have such a busy week ahead of me too! Meetings tomorrow, big plans this weekend, meeting Monday and then cleaning out my old apartment on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I am heading to springfield, IL to do some classroom shopping. Thursday I am heading to St. Louis and FRIDAY I head to...wait for it!

Thats right! VEGAS!! Until Tuesday, with a couple of my college sorority sisters! YIKES! I need to get my life together ASAP! Summer is almost over. So scary! Hopefully I can show ya all more pictures tomorrow. I've got lots of ideas being put together in the next two weeks. I loveeee it!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Check this out:)

This is the start of my bulletin board! I think I'm going to make sprinkles with the kids names on them.. Not sure what it is going to say yet! Any ideas??

Rain gutter bookshelves!

Hellllo! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was interesting to say the least.
So I'm debating on putting in rain gutter shelving. Has anyone seen it? Have it?

I googled it and found these images:

I also found a tutorial!

raising olives button

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The day has come!!

I went to my classroom today

and it was a total disaster okay.. maybe not disaster.. but full of stuff! I was lucky enough to get the room of a retiring teacher who basically left me everything. I even found a kids lunch money envelope with 5 bucks in her desk... ekkkkk

My mom and I spent 3 solid hours going through things.. Throwing out what I knew was trash and putting everything else I knew I wouldn't use but wasn't trash in a pile.. Here are some photos!!

Desk corner.. I don't necessary want a desk. I rather have a table... so I'm going to try to change that.

This is after we put the desk in 4 groups of five.. I may make 5 groups of four.. Not sure yet! Do these uneven desk drive you crazy as well??

Needs some work..


The growing "trash" pile.. I am never going to use an overhead.. sorry folks. OR the encylopedias from 1980!! That was 8 years before I was born. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.



The most unorganized cabinet I have ever encountered! My mama did a great job at cleaning this up! It was full of great goodies:)

Don't ask what that machine is.. They said they would move it! The book shelf up front is going to be moved!

The class needs some cleaning products. Color and LOTS of organization.. So happy it came with hundreds of books and tons of lit sets! I don't even need to bring any books with me!

Can't wait to make it back down again next week and start cleaning again!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pro Teacher and Classroom Themes

Today I'm babysitting..which is extra exciting. Its actually pretty boring chillin with two dogs and one 5 month old. Luckily he sleeps like a 90 year old man and wakes up to eat. It is also wonderful because that means I get to sit on the couch all day long with my computer! So I've been searching on ProTeacher.net for cupcake/bakery classroom theme ideas..I've found a few then modified them this is what I have came up with:

So my classroom list on my door will say:

"Miss. Janes' Sweet Treats"

My Birthday board:
"Birthdays are a real treat"- With Cupcakes for each month

My bullintin board outside my room for "Meet the Teacher Night" is going to say:

"Third Grade will be a piece of Cake" OR ""Cooking up a Great Year!"- Then I'm going to have all the students names on there too- with themes we will be studying throughout the year (multiplication, cursive, letter writing, poetry...etc.)

My class schedule will be the "daily menu"

I also want to make 2 wooden spoons into bathroom passes..I'm thinking I could cover one in blue ribbon and one in pink.

I also want to put our classroom expectations on a recipe card!!

Any other ideas for cupcake/bakery theme?? What classroom themes are you all using this year?

Does anyone else cry while they watch MTV Made?? Did I just say that...

p.s. Im going on a five hour boat ride friday...on the Mississippi River. I need a recipe to take with us! Some snack. Someone is already bringing homemade Chex Mix.. any ideas?

Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay these are so silly and I am completely obsessed!
Pick Your Nose Cups- By Fred and Friends

So I was at TJ Maxx today and HAD to buy these! Kinda a splurge $5.99 for 24!

You can buy them here! (AMAZON)

Can you say: I can't wait until my first classroom party;)

thats all..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

102 Followers! WOW!

I am as happy as a...

and guess what? Good news! I get into my classroom next week for a sneak peak! I can't wait to show everyone pictures. It is going to be pretty shabby looking but thats okay! So this makes me as happy as

You got it! 2 peaches :)

So in honor of this I'm giving you all an AWARD FREEBIE!

Click for the PDF

I hope this makes all of you as happy as..

Have a wonderful weekend! Sorry I really have run out of things to post until school starts..I need to think of something....hummm

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lovin Big Lots!

Wanted to share my new clock. I know it is pink.
I won't be replacing my "normal" black and white clock. Just adding another one to the room

8 bones at Big Lots! Who can beat that?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Classroom "stuff" preview

So the countdown is getting closer! 20 days until I move into my (soon to be) fabulous classroom! 25 days until I go to Vegas and 37 Days until school starts. YIKES. Where did summer go? Growing up is scary!

Today I saw a very sweet Lady that is the mother of a friend of mine. She was so excited about me getting a job because she teaches 3rd grade too! I had no idea she taught 3rd grade.. Anywho I was telling her how I got the job of out roughly 200 applicants and that I had no idea how I landed the job- You know what she said? She said she knew exactly why! How sweet is that? Nothing better than other people making you feel good.

I was getting super antsy the other night and thought I'd take some pictures of some classroom things I have! Here it goes- Click to make larger!

Every class in the building I student taught in seemed to have these! I can't wait to put them up. Nothing like teaching a sense of direction!! (Good for me too :)

Difficult words to spell list!
A math necessity

In my class I really want to teach self monitoring. I think it is very important for students to take the initiative in their own learning!

Even though I won't be teaching a lot of social studies/world anything I think it is very important to be able to reference it in our classroom with this lovely MAP!

I adore number lines. I adore math touch points. I adore math. Math is a must!!
oh and I love teaching math with the SmartbBoard!! Smart Exchange anyone? yummy!

My pretty cursive line! Have you guys seen in the news how states are "doing away" with cursive? So silly.

My pretty 31 lunch bag!

I was very fortunate to have an amazing host teacher during my student teaching. Not to mention the most amazing 22 students. They surprised me with all this on my last Friday! (I cried) All this! In this:

What else do I need? I'm making my birthday poster! I can't wait to see how it turns out and to share it!!

Anything else I have to have immediately?

Ew. Now I have to go run on the treadmill! Its a stinkin 93 degrees out here NE Missouri! The air is like swamp water! Have a lovely week!!

p.s. I sold my first item on TPT! Ha I only have one item on there! I stole the "Sweet Treats" idea from One Extra Degree! Thanks Amanda:)