Thursday, July 21, 2011

The day has come!!

I went to my classroom today

and it was a total disaster okay.. maybe not disaster.. but full of stuff! I was lucky enough to get the room of a retiring teacher who basically left me everything. I even found a kids lunch money envelope with 5 bucks in her desk... ekkkkk

My mom and I spent 3 solid hours going through things.. Throwing out what I knew was trash and putting everything else I knew I wouldn't use but wasn't trash in a pile.. Here are some photos!!

Desk corner.. I don't necessary want a desk. I rather have a table... so I'm going to try to change that.

This is after we put the desk in 4 groups of five.. I may make 5 groups of four.. Not sure yet! Do these uneven desk drive you crazy as well??

Needs some work..


The growing "trash" pile.. I am never going to use an overhead.. sorry folks. OR the encylopedias from 1980!! That was 8 years before I was born. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.



The most unorganized cabinet I have ever encountered! My mama did a great job at cleaning this up! It was full of great goodies:)

Don't ask what that machine is.. They said they would move it! The book shelf up front is going to be moved!

The class needs some cleaning products. Color and LOTS of organization.. So happy it came with hundreds of books and tons of lit sets! I don't even need to bring any books with me!

Can't wait to make it back down again next week and start cleaning again!


Ashley said...

How exciting!! You are lucky to have gotten so much!! I am a first year 3rd grade teacher as well, and my classroom has nothing!! It has been stripped down. :( Can't wait to see what you do with your room!


Katie H said...

It's going to look so cute decked out in cupcakes! Can you paint that back wood wall? I can't wait to get into my room!!!!

Ms. Kidd said...

It looks like you were left some pretty good stuff! It is always so overwhelming to walk into any classroom for the first time, even after you have been teaching for a few years. Just remember that it takes making a mess to clean it up. I know that you are going to make it an awesome place to learn! I can't wait to see the finished room! Good Luck!

Courtney @ said...

Thanks all! Katie, I should see about that! because it is an eye sore;)

Mrs. Eimer said...

Hey. I know your trying to organize your classroom and they have these really cute cupcake fabric organizers on Etsy. They also have "Ouch Pouches" with cupcakes that come with bandaids, etc. Date books, notepad holders, purses, etc. all with cupcakes. I'm posting a general search link but it might be worth your time to search Etsy for some cute cupcake things. They're not unreasonable. The cupcake fabric organizer is around 18 dollars. Check it out!

Sandy said...

It is always a little crazy but exciting to move into a new room. I must agree with you though, the overhead and the 1980's encyclopedias would have to go. (AND I am 50 years old!!!)

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