Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pro Teacher and Classroom Themes

Today I'm babysitting..which is extra exciting. Its actually pretty boring chillin with two dogs and one 5 month old. Luckily he sleeps like a 90 year old man and wakes up to eat. It is also wonderful because that means I get to sit on the couch all day long with my computer! So I've been searching on ProTeacher.net for cupcake/bakery classroom theme ideas..I've found a few then modified them this is what I have came up with:

So my classroom list on my door will say:

"Miss. Janes' Sweet Treats"

My Birthday board:
"Birthdays are a real treat"- With Cupcakes for each month

My bullintin board outside my room for "Meet the Teacher Night" is going to say:

"Third Grade will be a piece of Cake" OR ""Cooking up a Great Year!"- Then I'm going to have all the students names on there too- with themes we will be studying throughout the year (multiplication, cursive, letter writing, poetry...etc.)

My class schedule will be the "daily menu"

I also want to make 2 wooden spoons into bathroom passes..I'm thinking I could cover one in blue ribbon and one in pink.

I also want to put our classroom expectations on a recipe card!!

Any other ideas for cupcake/bakery theme?? What classroom themes are you all using this year?

Does anyone else cry while they watch MTV Made?? Did I just say that...

p.s. Im going on a five hour boat ride friday...on the Mississippi River. I need a recipe to take with us! Some snack. Someone is already bringing homemade Chex Mix.. any ideas?


Rachel said...

Cute, cute ideas! Very original!

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

Delena Allen said...

I was going through my blogroll and one of them is a blog called a girl and her gluegun. Anyway, today's post was about making a cupcake out of styrofoam. Too cute-thought of you. Here is the link:

Learn with ME in Grade Three

Ms. Smith said...


I was blog stalking earlier and saw this blog post: http://thebubblyblondeteacher.blogspot.com/2011/07/linky-party-back-to-school-activities.html

I thought that the poem would be so cute for you on your back to school night because it fits with your theme!

Rebecca Haden said...

Cupcake bulletin board ideas: http://www.myfreshplans.com/2011-07/cupcake-bulletin-boards/

I love the recipe card idea!

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...


Mrs. Eimer said...

I'm doing a cupcake theme as well! I love your ideas. Some other ideas I had was the student of the week could be the "Cake Boss." A title for a newsletter could be The Weekly Mix or A Bite Out of Our Week or Weekly Sprinkle. If you are doing Bucket Filling it could be "Sprinkle Some Happiness." "You Take the Cake" for job board. "Sweet Treats" for Bulletin board. There are a lot of cool things! Thanks for being awesome. I love reading your blog.

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