Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A work in progress!

So I've spent all day today in my classroom going through things! I have made SO much progress then again It barely looks like I've done anything. Amazing how many hours it takes to actually prepare a classroom!
Last week!

This week! Please notice trash pile is GROWING!

Last week!

I know it is A LOT of orange.. It will be covered with posters and things though..I hope it becomes more subtle. If I did it again I would do purple..not orange.. eek.

See the horrible green cabinet?? (it has a sink in the rear and storage up front)

My mom and I transformed it into this beauty!

I can't wait to get back in tomorrow and start leveling ALL my books! My classroom seriously came with hundreds and hundreds that are already leveled and I'm bringing some of my own too! I'm excited to get it all organized! I have such a busy week ahead of me too! Meetings tomorrow, big plans this weekend, meeting Monday and then cleaning out my old apartment on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I am heading to springfield, IL to do some classroom shopping. Thursday I am heading to St. Louis and FRIDAY I head to...wait for it!

Thats right! VEGAS!! Until Tuesday, with a couple of my college sorority sisters! YIKES! I need to get my life together ASAP! Summer is almost over. So scary! Hopefully I can show ya all more pictures tomorrow. I've got lots of ideas being put together in the next two weeks. I loveeee it!


Mrs. Eimer said...

Springfield huh? I didn't know there was much here. Lol. Your classroom looks great already!

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

Kohls, target, macys, and Erg Adoo!! :)

Ashleigh said...

It's looking great! Have fun in Vegas!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

oh i love vegas! was just there in april...one of my favorite places. have so much fun lil lady.

the classroom is coming together so nicely :)

have a fabulous weekend pretty girl.

Ashley said...

I have never been to Vegas!! I am dying to though.

Your classroom looks fabulous!

Katie said...

Your room is coming along great! I took me forever to clean out my room when I first got hired. It can be overwhelming but just remember to try what works for you and you can always changed it! Good luck this year!
Once Upon A Teaching Blog

Anonymous said...

Your room is coming a long very nice! :) I'm also a first year and can't wait to get in mine already!



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