Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday already??

Where does the time go?

Kids were so EXCITED to get their cursive licenses!!!

Here is another page out of our lovely math notebooks!

check out this birthday party invite I was sent??

Cute or what??

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Math Notebooks!

Im so obsessed with my kids math notebooks that we started! My phone is being silly but here is a sneak peak!! Sorry it is sideways! I will be adding more tomorrow..

but now.. I'm headed to St. Louis to see this cutie

Brantley Gilbert! So exciting!

Have a safe weekend. I was in a car accident yesterday involving my vehicle and a motorcycle. Look out for those guys. We were both very lucky individuals. Thank god.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No more blue doors!

Thanks to the lovely post by Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron I am inspired to do her worksheet to help my students think of "spicier" words. (You can download it yourself by clicking on the link above) I can't wait to do this with my kids tomorrow!

After we complete the worksheet we are going to make our our sentences spicier. I will be dividing students into groups of three. I was going to do five but now I think I want to go smaller.

How boring at these that I have so far? Can't wait for the kiddos to spice them up!

My cat is brown. She plays with me. I like her fur. Someday I hope she has babies.

I like to play outside. I play with my soccer ball. Sometimes I have a friend over. He is nice.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am having a party. We will eat cake. It will be fun.

Yesterday I went to see my aunt. She lives in another town. She has a pet goat. She is pretty.

Sick aren't they?

Also our math notebooks are coming along GREAT. I can't wait to photograph some. The kids told me that they like doing it to! Isn't that awesome. Instead of me just teaching math we write down examples and answer problems in our notebooks. I thought 3rd graders may be a little young for this but they are doing awesome. Anything to hold them accountable while I'm teaching math. It seriously holds their attention so well..because they can't talk! They are writing and they don't wait to miss what comes next. GENUIS!!!

I will post pics ASAP!

Happy Friday tomorrow ya all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giving back!

Hey all! The past week has been so hectic! Lots of changes in my life but I think I am adjusting well.

First, we added more sprinkles to our cupcake! We are talking about self-esteem this month and so students were able to add to sprinkles labeled with things they thought they do well. I love this! It turned out so nice.

3C also got their new rug! BTW I was suppose to get $300 to spend in my room. I turned in my receipts. Haven't seen a dime. Doesn't look like I'm going to either.... no comment.
I also had to order another rug for up front.. The kids said it just wasn't big enough. So I gave in and did... This classroom spending it totally cutting into my david yurman ring fund..;)

ok I'll stop dreaming...

I also snagged this cuties at Homegoods! I put them on my ugly wood wall in the back of the room. Its hard to change ugly wood but it didn't hurt it I suppose!

Aw this is my poochy, Nelly, I wish I could take her to school with me. She loves people.

One of the sweetest little ladies in my class lost her home this summer due to an electrical fire. Her stepmom came in on Monday and told me she wanted to give back to the community that so graciously gave them their life back just a few short months ago. She gave me this crate full of great supplies and I can't wait to use these extra notebooks!

She also gave me this cute little bag full of more goodies:)

It is so nice to realize that there are still good people in this world. It is also reassuring to know that I teach in such a great community! It may be just tipping 3,200 residents but it truly is a great area. I love it.

I also started math notebooks today! Funny story really. I thought I was required to do them.. little did I know the term math notebooks to my team was just a notebook where we are to record our morning math work answers in. But Im super excited with how they turned out today and I can't wait to continue with what I started.. Its nice to have something kids have to accountable for while I teach. Loves it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm still alive...maybe

I have been so busy the past week I have had NO free time on my hands! Now when I finally do my phone won't send my e-mails with all my new pictures to post.. poo so annoying!! Guess this will have to wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freak out mode and clock numbers and my schedule!

Freak out mode has arrived friends! School starts tomorrow and I haven’t really done that much planning! Whoopsies:)

HOWEVER I did find these FAB clock numbers! Head over to Step into 2nd grade to download your own! I will post a pic of mine as soon as I print them!

For meet the teacher night I did a fun little scavenger hunt with my students that told them where to put their school supplies. One of my team teachers thought of the idea and it turned out just great! You can view mine HERE
Sorry if the format is lost! You get the idea though:)

So now I'm off to lunch.. Trying to figure out what to do tomorrow with the kiddos. Anyone have any first day activities that are incredibly awesome and care to share with me I would be VERY grateful! This is my first day in 3rd grade too! EEEEkkkk!

Also! I bought this cutie yesterday at Wal-mart for $1

Like I need another notepad in my life.....negative.

So here is my schedule as of today...rough first draft of course!

P.S. Just spell checked this in word. Yikes, hate to see all the errors from the past. Forgive those. Please and thank ya!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet The Teacher Night!

Wow am I tired! I have had an exhausting weekend, so I am trying to take it easy today! Tomorrow evening is meet the teacher night. I ended up writing a letter to parents, a sheet of classroom expectations and then making a scavenger hunt. Jenny, one of the other 3rd grade teachers, created it and I basically copied it. I like how it turned out though. When I get a copy of it on my computer I will show ya all. In the mean time here are some more pictures of my room.

Do I need to add more to this? Still trying to figure it out.

Cupcake labels on my books! I love how those turned out. It excites me to actually bring ideas from the computer to real life!

This is how I take attendance and lunch count!

I am still in need of a calender.. I have attempted to go to TWO stores to buy one. Maybe I'll order one..anyone know of a good website?

See my lovely brown chair? It was my Great Grandpa's chair. I bought it at their estate sale for $1. So as ugly as it is it means a lot to me! It is going to be my reading chair (for now) until someone buys me one of these puppies

Found here!

I ordered this rug in lime green and purple from They are currently on sale! One will go in my library and the other is going to go upfront by the smartboard.

I also want some bright polka dot wall stickers.. anyone have any?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who made the cursive license worksheet??!! FOUND IT!

EDIT: Here we go: Click here!

Thank you Courtney For the link!
3rd Grade Sprinkles

Someone blogged about making the cursive license worksheets/unit and I thought I downloaded it! I want to use it next week when we start school and I can't find it anywhere!! Can you all please help? It was so cute. Save me. I appreicate any help:)

I've had 5 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. Lets just say Vegas got the best of me. My flight didn't get in until after one this morning. Then I drove 2 hours home and was at school by 7. Talk about a miserable day. However looking back at my weekend makes it well worth it:)

Just a few to share!

Encore Beach Club
Pick your nose cups (Ignore my posture.. I should work on that!)
View from the Wynn!

But for real people.. where is that cursive unit at? Its fabulous!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost there

I don't know if this is boring for other people and just exciting for me or not? Sorry if it is! :)

So my clipchart is together..BUT look at this nasty laminating job

eeekkk makes me sad!

It is going to go there on the wall between the board and window

Today my classroom took a HUGE turning point..the junk pile above is donzo YIPPIE. I took all of the things to the resource room for others to go through. I guess maybe one person's trash is another's treasure?

All of these books are leveled and placed on their correct shelf. So I guess you could say the library is coming together. Between these two bookshelves are where I plan on putting the rain gutters.

The mess you saw eariler turned into this! IT TOOK FOREVER. Over an hour dividing all those nasty resource books by subject. I am so lucky to have them but yikes!

How did I go from that to THIS?

I also got a new old table from the storage room! It is pretty nasty but I think I can clean it up. This is my small group meeting space. So exciting!!

And my desk!

Thursday morning I am heading back down to do some more cleaning before I head to Vegas until Tuesday. Hopefully I can get more books leveled. We use the Accelerated Reader program at my school. I'm super excited to get into it. Does anyone else use it?