Thursday, August 25, 2011

No more blue doors!

Thanks to the lovely post by Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron I am inspired to do her worksheet to help my students think of "spicier" words. (You can download it yourself by clicking on the link above) I can't wait to do this with my kids tomorrow!

After we complete the worksheet we are going to make our our sentences spicier. I will be dividing students into groups of three. I was going to do five but now I think I want to go smaller.

How boring at these that I have so far? Can't wait for the kiddos to spice them up!

My cat is brown. She plays with me. I like her fur. Someday I hope she has babies.

I like to play outside. I play with my soccer ball. Sometimes I have a friend over. He is nice.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am having a party. We will eat cake. It will be fun.

Yesterday I went to see my aunt. She lives in another town. She has a pet goat. She is pretty.

Sick aren't they?

Also our math notebooks are coming along GREAT. I can't wait to photograph some. The kids told me that they like doing it to! Isn't that awesome. Instead of me just teaching math we write down examples and answer problems in our notebooks. I thought 3rd graders may be a little young for this but they are doing awesome. Anything to hold them accountable while I'm teaching math. It seriously holds their attention so well..because they can't talk! They are writing and they don't wait to miss what comes next. GENUIS!!!

I will post pics ASAP!

Happy Friday tomorrow ya all!


Dana said...

Aww! Thanks for reposting Courtney! I can't wait to hear how the sentences turn out!

Have a great Friday/weekend! :)

3rd Grade Gridiron

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