Thursday, September 29, 2011

The busy life of a first year teacher!


I can't believe September has already come and gone! Seriously? I've been teaching for a whole month? AMAZING. We are accomplishing big things in 3C! Just kidding, we really are working hard and I actually feel like I am accomplishing big things. I'm just starting to get into routine with my reading curriculum. Next week I want to start centers too. It is so difficult because my Title 1 pull outs are RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my reading time... couldn't they wait until the end? I am grateful that my students have this opportunity but it just doesn't work very well for me:)

On another note Scholastic sent some nice goodies for our classroom this week! Nothing like a free book! Thank you Scholastic:) Made my day!

Next week I am doing a Flat Stanley class lit set. At the end of every five(?) weeks we do a class lit set- which has some pros and cons. pros- something different, class is all together, everyone reads a chapter book. cons- class is all together (thehehe), not all students are on level. I teach in a very low income area and only about 8 out of my 20 students are actually on a third grade level. It makes it difficult to do whole group activities with reading. Usually I divide students into leveled groups with leveled books. That stinks though when it comes to discussion time:( we all can't discuss together. If anyone knows any great flat stanley activities/resources/ideas please pass them on! When I finish my lit set I'm going to post it as a freebie. Nothing special just my ideas and notes:)

Next Monday I will step out of my element once again and start tutoring first grade students. I'm both nervous and excited to begin! Nervous because I know nothing about first grade and excited because we will get to do super cute little fun stuff. And this lady is all for the cute stuff! If you know of anything that is October/halloween themed that we could do for tutoring do share:)

I also signed up for Donor's Choose! I want to get $$$ for more non-fiction books in my classroom! We are needing it pretty bad!

Hope ya all have a

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing more and common core!

Has anyone else had meetings over the common core standards?
They are soooo boring! yucky. HOWEVER they drilled into our heads that we need to have our students become better writers. I must admit teaching writing is my hardest subject- kids either LOVE it or hate it. It is so hard to create good writers. I am making this my goal to create good writers this year.. Their first sugguestion was to have students write sentences or exit slips everyday! Today we wrote what our favorite math center was. Tomorrow will be something totally different. Punctuation and grammar had to be perfect but spelling could slide. The kids liked it. How tough is it to write one sentence? In a few weeks... dun dun dunnnn we move on to at least two:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11th activities!

Ok I sent this great activity home today for homework



I didn't make it mandatory! HOWEVER I strongly urged all my students to do it and and told them if they brought it back by Friday I would give them a treat:)

We also did this... which I can't remember where I got it from today! Please let me know so I can give credit!

Im so sad this is sideways! it is my person favorite.. If you can't tell his American Hero is Miss Janes..because she makes learning fun!

Oh the little joys of life:)

Now check this out

These were the cakes at the 3rd birthday party I went to this week!
Go big or go home right??

Ok.. I'm becoming obsessed! is amazing. Hands down.

My morning finds include:
a great "I have... who has..." game
PDF Found Here


a cute money song that goes to the tune of BINGO. what better way to start our Monday morning?

PDF found HERE

We will be putting this song into our math notebooks!

Have a great week:)

Friday, September 2, 2011

The best rounding freebie!! DO NOT TEACH WITH OUT IT!!

This changed my life today!!


We glued this into our math notebooks, which are coming along PERFECTLY.
Yesterday I had a lunch lady say that she overheard ladies from my class talking about how much fun math was in my room.... It is the little things in life right??

Why didn't I think of that?