Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing more and common core!

Has anyone else had meetings over the common core standards?
They are soooo boring! yucky. HOWEVER they drilled into our heads that we need to have our students become better writers. I must admit teaching writing is my hardest subject- kids either LOVE it or hate it. It is so hard to create good writers. I am making this my goal to create good writers this year.. Their first sugguestion was to have students write sentences or exit slips everyday! Today we wrote what our favorite math center was. Tomorrow will be something totally different. Punctuation and grammar had to be perfect but spelling could slide. The kids liked it. How tough is it to write one sentence? In a few weeks... dun dun dunnnn we move on to at least two:)


Anonymous said...

oh geez...common core is consuming my thoughts as we've been in MANY meetings over them. It will be a tough adjustment and these "transition years" stink. I'm in a state of information overload!! Good luck! :)

4321Teach said...

Oh Common Core! I jsut went to a meeting yeaterday. This is a great idea! I hope they enjoy their exit slips.

Hannah Palmer said...

We just had a common core meeting for math last week and we used to do multiplication midyear. Now it's the second unit we teach. So many changes.


Janaye said...

I'm stopping by to present the Versatile Blogger Award to you!!


Unknown said...

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