Thursday, October 20, 2011

Editing checklist and simple money game

We all know how hard it is to teach a child to write. It is like pulling teeth. My students struggle with realizing what is missing from their writing. I found this great editing checklist online that can be modified for each writing assignment! It is uploaded into my google docs. Not sure who created it. Enjoy:)

You can find it HERE

is how old I turn on Monday! We have a half day today due to parent teacher conferences and we are also out again tomorrow. What a great present for me!

I uploaded a really simple money game also. I printed mine out and laminated them to use in the future. Basically you group up 2/3 students and roll a die. Each number on a die is worth a certain coin. The first one to a dollar wins! You can modify this to $2 or even $3. Gets kids counting. They have fun with it! (We did this in my student teaching also!) You can find that HERE. Sorry they aren't very pretty. My pretty fonts are on my MAC and my PC is j.u.n.k.

I'm getting old. Also on another note. I have worked 35 hours this week and its only Thursday. Plus my janitor told me I get to work too early and that I need a "friend". Referring to a boyfriend. Gee thanks lady


Chelsea Coleen said...

if 23 is old then what is 25? i am going to go cry now. !!! :)

Peter Dienstmann said...

Thanks for the editing checklist. Too bad there's a typo in it! ("I read my writing out *load* a second time.") Easy to fix, but I wish I could message the creator of that file.

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