Monday, December 12, 2011

Friendly Letter unit *Update*

*I have found a few resources to pass on*
We will be using THIS (click for PDF) for our rough draft!

Found this great video on YouTube to use!

As well as this song (everyone's fav)

I know I already posted it! But it is something everyone must see:)

I also though this website was very useful! I'm going to give the pre-test as a post-test Friday to my students!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! (and now Tuesday!)


4321teach said...

I do a weekly friendly letter. I give the students a premise to write to each week. Since you are a Missouri person, and so am I, just an FYI all the sample tests have them write to a friend about a story. Use that!! I have them write about read alouds we have done or to characters, as well as their parents and other building staff. My recent favorite is a letter to the cafeteria staff to persuade them to add a new food to the menu.
Hope that is what you are looking for!

Courtney said...

I love the idea for the cafeteria staff!! I will do that when we do our persuasive writing:) Thanks for sharing!!