Friday, January 27, 2012


That is all!

p.s. this is the start of our multiplication wall!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Horray for Arrays!

So we are learning arrays this week in math and next week... multiplication. Today we watched a quick You-Tube video over arrays. Simple and sweet. After that we made these beautiful creations.

Then we watched this little multiplication video too!

I printed these lovelies for my kiddos this week. Just a little cheat sheet action.

Multiplication bookmark freebie made by:

Click above for more multiplication resources!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free online Books!

I tutor several fantastic first graders a couple days a week after school. When we have extra time we love to play online games! We always make time to visit

Where we do sight word bingo!

Today we visited this great website found here! It is from AOL Kids. It has several online books. Here are just a FEW Arthur stories available online...

My kids didn't want to leave tutoring- they wanted to keep watching books. It was great. Even though it was above their level they still enjoyed it. As each word is read it is also highlighted! Great way to introduce new words.

We are reading The Chocolate Touch this week in reading. Not a fan so far. Hopefully it grows on me. This site has really good questions to go along with chapters.

Also in order to celebrate next month (Black History Month) we decided to do a fictional read for our read-a-loud. It is titledJackie and Me. So far my kids really like it! Something to check out!

Hope everyone survived their Wednesday! I'm seriously craving chili or cheese soup. I can't wait to head up to my parents this weekend and cook something. Last night I made vegetable fajita quesadillas---amazing If I do say so myself.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogs and Resumes!

So I'm revamping my resume this week! I'm super excited about it and actually got a lot done today on my break! I'm wondering should I include my blog on my resume? What are your opinions on it. I'd love to know what others think!

Tomorrow is already WEDNESDAY!? CRAZY!

As a recent college graduate I have spent HOURS upon HOURS making my resume and cover letter perfect. The Mizzou College of Education has a great website to help- right here.

Also found this one that has great action verbs!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow, Book Bags, and Because of Winn Dixie

First off we have beautiful SNOW here in North East Missouri! As much as I am not a fan of cold weather---I must admit it is pretty! And now that I only have to drive a 1/2 a mile to work each morning I don't really care how much it snows! I'm praying for NO snow days though. We have a four day weekend coming up the third week of February and I'm heading south for a few days to Texas for some get-a-way time! Anywho.

Today we finished Because of Winn Dixie. My students loved it! This afternoon we are going to watch the video! I highly recommend this as a read aloud to any third grade teacher. I think I'm going to read Dear Mr. Henshaw next..unless anyone has any better ideas!??

We did semester benchmark reading levels recently. (We are on AR reading) and I was happy to see many of my students did GREAT! I have three students who are still below grade level and need that extra push. Personally I think book-bags are a bit immature for 3rd grade but I don't think they are if you have a below grade level reader. So this week I did a bit of research and came up with a plan... book bags based on AR levels go home on Monday.. and come back the next Monday. 7 days of full reading. Each bag has 4-5 books based on AR level. This is going to take some parent participation....if you know what I mean ;)

You can download/preview my parent letter here.

I found a great resource for blank clock worksheets!

Click on Clock Printables at the top of the page!

Hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend! I know I will! I plan on spending it cuddle up with my roommate.. this little guy

Monday, January 9, 2012

Super teachers

Okay.. come on now. isn't free anymore? How sad is this? Anyone else disappointed?

What a horrible thing to wake up to on Monday morning..

A comment from the owner:

Well we certainly didn't want to let our visitors down. Unfortunately it's a choice we had to make. There are two of us working in a small office - myself and a graphic artist. Together we've spent thousands of hours sitting in front of computer screens, making thousands of worksheets. For five years the worksheets were free - we got by on just the ad revenue. But last year we lost a lot of money - money from our own pockets. We have office rent, utilities, computers, phone lines, hosting, and other costs. We also buy graphics from freelance artists, stories and articles from writers. The costs add up quick. We needed to start charging or go out of business.

We're looking at this as an opportunity, though. With a little income we can make more woksheets, higher quality resources, and grow the site to be better than ever.

At $20, we're still cheaper than any subscription worksheet site I know of. Abcteach, Enchanted Learning, Scholastic, all charge quite a bit more for accessing their sites.

Sorry if we let you guys down - but it's something we had to do. I hope you'll consider giving the site a chance in the future.



My post about STW is with all respect. I understand you have to do what you have to do:) I've supported this website when it was free and I will continue to support it. Well worth the wonderful resources it provides! I think everyone can agree on that.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Velcro Grading Scale

My desk is always a disaster. Always. Piles of papers. Yucky! I'm a huge scatter brain as well.. perhaps it comes with the hair color? Anywho. I was always losing my grading scale at the beginning of the year so I came up with this genius idea... I used Velcro to stick it on the inside of my grade book. Guess what? Problem solved!

Any other tricks I need to know about??

Friday, January 6, 2012

Really Good Stuff.. can keep their really good stuff for $8 shipping charges.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rock N Learn, Art To Remember, Productiveness

Telling time is pretty simple in third grade.. you get it or you don't. I kinda think this week may be a little boring for some of us! On another note! Multiplication starts this week and I am going to use my only product on TPT as my classroom resource.

Which is available HERE. They are one minute multiplication quizes.

Do any of you do Art To Remember in your building? I'm obsessed with this. obsessed. In love with Art To Remember. It is done during our art class. The student art is sent into the company and they return it with a catalog FULL of amazing things you can purchase with the student's art on it!

I was fortunate enough to receive this AMAZING mouse pad from one of my most challenging students .
It is the little things in life isn't it? ;)

We are moving right along in time this week and right now my students are watching a great math video from Rock N Learn. If you have access to these videos I highly suggest them. We have also watched the money dvd. They start very basic and get harder which each chapter. Love it!

So I was living 35 miles away from my job and I recently moved to the town I teach in! Kinda exciting right? I suppose so;) The town I moved to has about 3,500 people MAX! Going from living in a town of about 130,000 people in May to 3,500 people in December is a reality check. Where is my Bread Co. when I need it? With this move I have gained about an hour each day and with all my free time I've got some things accomplished already this week!(see below)

The clock numbers and clock outlines were both found at this AMAZING website! Click below and then hit up the time tab! Enjoy!

Hope everyone is surviving the first week back at school! OR enjoying their extended break! (If you are extra lucky)