Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow, Book Bags, and Because of Winn Dixie

First off we have beautiful SNOW here in North East Missouri! As much as I am not a fan of cold weather---I must admit it is pretty! And now that I only have to drive a 1/2 a mile to work each morning I don't really care how much it snows! I'm praying for NO snow days though. We have a four day weekend coming up the third week of February and I'm heading south for a few days to Texas for some get-a-way time! Anywho.

Today we finished Because of Winn Dixie. My students loved it! This afternoon we are going to watch the video! I highly recommend this as a read aloud to any third grade teacher. I think I'm going to read Dear Mr. Henshaw next..unless anyone has any better ideas!??

We did semester benchmark reading levels recently. (We are on AR reading) and I was happy to see many of my students did GREAT! I have three students who are still below grade level and need that extra push. Personally I think book-bags are a bit immature for 3rd grade but I don't think they are if you have a below grade level reader. So this week I did a bit of research and came up with a plan... book bags based on AR levels go home on Monday.. and come back the next Monday. 7 days of full reading. Each bag has 4-5 books based on AR level. This is going to take some parent participation....if you know what I mean ;)

You can download/preview my parent letter here.

I found a great resource for blank clock worksheets!

Click on Clock Printables at the top of the page!

Hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend! I know I will! I plan on spending it cuddle up with my roommate.. this little guy


Sarah said...

Hi Courtney! I just came across your blog and love it! I teach title math to k-3 and sometimes have a hard time coming up with 3rd grade stuff. I read you teach in rural Missouri. I teach in a suburb of Cleveland, OH but my dream job it so move somewhere rural to live and teach. :) I envy you! Have a good Monday!

Courtney said...

I do love it here:) I think everyone loves to hate it! Its a great place. Very pretty but not a whole lot going on! Definitely the simple life.