Friday, March 30, 2012

Something to celebrate!

I signed up for a local scholarship in my area for first year teachers and I WON! Yesterday a lady came by and awarded me and my class with a $500 check! Wooo hoo! We went straight to work buying books on Needless to say it was a glorious day in 3C. Now I need to get on my donors choose account and get that all set up!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New sponsor!

Check out Miss Third Grade's newest sponsor----

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They have some great selling items:

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Test Taking Face

Just to get your blood bumping for those state wide exams!

Test Taking Face

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Capacity, Measurement, and Fraction Resources

Happy Wednesday....get it? Its already Wednesday!? Where does the time go. This weeks focus in 3C is capacity, measurement, and a continue on fractions!

Here are my favorite freebie finds!

Capacity anchor charts! Length, capacity, and weight!


This guy!

and a fun song to match!
Measurement project! This looks sooo fun!


This website is great for showing kids equivalent fractions and so is this little number----cartoon YouTube on equivalent fractions.

This website is awesome for showing fractions a number line!

Fraction matching game

Equivalent fraction game

Another fraction visual

If you didn't check out my post on other fraction freebies-click here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Is In the Air!

Head over to

to download this!

I know Spring started today but never late than never. We are going to squeeze this in tomorrow! We are working on cause and effect right now so tomorrow we are going to use the baby chick sheet to write the causes and effects of Spring on! Hope you are getting as nice as weather as we are here in Missouri!

Check out my guest post!

Check out my guest post at:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Multiplication On the Mind!

After we finished up our geometry unit last week we have been focusing more on our multiplication/division concepts! Here are a few of my greatest finds so far!

We LOVED making these these!


Great Memory Game! That I am sure sure everyone is going to love!


Multiplication Fact Anchor Posters


One of the best purchases for math that I've made this year is the product above! They are flash cards for multiplication. You can find them HERE. I can't wait to get mine laminated!

And don't forget! If you are looking for premade test head over to my TPT store.. It is my only item:)

Happy Friday! Be sure to check back on Monday! I'm guest posting and have so awesome finds for fractions!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Perry the Perimator Bug!

We are loving us some Perry this week!

Click here

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Geometry Freebie Finds!

This week in my room we are finishing up our geometry unit and going to be focusing on multiplication/division strategies. As of now I have spent my $250 allotted classroom budget and now I'm on a poor man's mission-to find geometry review strategies for the week in preparation for our test. I think I did pretty well for having empty pockets. Check them out!

#1 on the list is a geometry matching/sorting activity

#2 an AMAZING review PowerPoint. 87 slides of magic. Very informational and real life!

#3 is this little gem here. A concentration game over lines. Who knew lines could be so exciting!?

#4 is a freebie from Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron and it is an angles center

#5 Lets not forget symmetry! We did symmetric butterflies last week but next year I'm putting these beauties on my list- symmetric boots. My kids would have LOVED these.

Tomorrow is going to be so fun in math. I can hardly wait! Not to mention all of these goodies are so eye appealing they will make your heart melt.

On another note I have several students confused the j sound with the g sound last week when I met with individuals for monthly benchmarks. MAJOR TISK TISK. However I'm happy to say all but 3 of my students are now reading at a third grade level! Compared to the 6 I started with (that were below). I'm on cloud nine! The Reading Gods must be looking down on us.

I thought I'd share this amazing picture I found online.. I wish I could remember where it was from... isn't weather amazing?

Hope everyone has an amazing week. I love having Mondays off to work.. off work to work. Not really sure if that makes sense.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Slides Flips and Turns

Hello lovelies! We survived another week.. so far! We have bad storms heading this way. I also don't feel like I should have to be at work when clearly says: Breaking Now: High Chance of Tornadoes Today.. hummmmm....

We played this great game today in math over slides, flips, and turns! I'm for sure adding it to my favorites for next year!

Click here!

Yesterday I purchased two awesome centers from Tanya at

A Class Act

(I also stole her pictures to share because I haven't cut mine yet)

I'm so excited to use them in my centers tomorrow and at only $2..they are a steal!

I will be e-mailing the giveaway winner and getting her address to send out her lovely gifts!

So Monday we had the day off and I decided to take myself on a little shopping trip. 3 hours of driving each way and way too much money. I have new clothes to wear for the next two weeks. Pretty pumped about that one!