Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy Readers

Recently I've been doing some serious limiting on what my students read. It finally hit me in January that some of my kiddos needed this. Most were great at picking out what they can and cannot read. Others not so much. Second grade readers reading 4th grade books. One of my fourth grade readers was reading SECOND grade---He got pulled for title...I think he practiced failing reading level test on purpose...

So in January we did some revamping. I put rules on what you were able to read until your reading goal of 14 books/test were taken. It has changed reading in our room tremendously. We found our EXACT reading level that is a "just right book" for us. We found out "challenge" level and we found our "easy for fun" level. We stick to it and its crazy the improvements we have made!

I have been sending home book bags to my students who are below level in reading and those who actually read them have made awesome improvements. If you would like to see my parent letter that I used click!

Next year I'm really hoping to purchase these puppies in order to give all students book bags.
Anyone have them now?



$10 a piece.. do you think they last!? I can't imagine dropping $250 on a class set!

I feel like I've been lacking this month! I wrote this post 9 days ago and just found time to get it in order.

Be sure to check back next week for some probability ideas!

Have a great weekend!


Janaye said...

One of my 2nd grade friends purchased those for her kids at the beginning of the school year. They have become very saggy and droopy from all of the stuff that has been crammed into them. While they have lasted all school year, I'm thinking that she's going to have to buy new ones if she decides to use them again because of how they will look once everything is taken out! Some of them are even stapled so they still hold together. Saw a pin last summer that showed some that a teacher made out of Home Depot aprons. I think they cost 50 cents each! That might be worth looking into!! :) Here's the blog post from that pin:


Courtney @ said...

THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Called Home Depot and getting some ASAP! So excited they they only cost 77 cents!! wooo hooo!!

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