Monday, April 16, 2012

Probably Probability and TPT weekly finds

With our state wide math testing starting tomorrow we are squeezing in some last minute learning and review! Here are the resources we are using this week for probability! Check them out!

Probability game

We had a great time doing this M&M activity!

and then we posted this lovely anchor chart! But I can't find the link right now to where it came from! Can anyone help me out!?

Also be sure to check out these little probability videos here and here.

This week I've been on the prowl again on TPT-here are some great finds that everyone should check out!

Synonyms for Said!

and Reading Responses

Both great resources!

This week I broke down and finally bought a Cricut! I think its going to be well worth the investment! Now I need some fonts to buy... any ideas?

Here is to another 4 day work week...then another 4 day work week..then another...then four weeks of school.. then SUMMER!


Ms.Smith said...

Love everything you posted! We start math testing tomorrow as well so we did a TON of reviewing today. =) Good luck to you and your kiddos tomorrow!

Ms. Smith
Adventures of Ms. Smith

JMB said...

My best best friend teaches in Myrtle Beach and bought a cricut and lovesss it. She has made me all sorts of cute things for my office and even a monogrammed travel mug. I think you will really love it. And that romper on my blog came from TJ Maxx :)

Jacqueline Richardson said...

I love your blog. I actuallky have 4 cricut machines: the cricut expression, 2 personal cricuts ( 1 for my daughter), and the cricut cake. I have over 80 cartridges. Here is my blog to check out some of my cricut stuff:

Katelyn said...

I love the Cricut we have at work!!

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