Monday, July 30, 2012

Donor's Choose UP and RUNNING!

Finally after several months I am excited to say I finally got around to posting a Donor's Choose project for my classroom. So as many of you might know from my past postings I teach in a low income district with little selection when it comes to classroom furniture. My desks are outdated. My chairs---mostly broken and WAY to small for ALL my kids. I feel bad for them. They are basically made for first graders. And they complain all time about how low they are and that they are baby chairs.. Anywho my Donor's Choose project is to get a kidney table. I'm not even picky what color or anything. I just want one soo bad! I really feel like I need it too. Right now we are doing leveled math groups on the floor. With the new floor being tile I can only imagin how uncomfortable that is going to be AND plus it is stinks meeting on the floor when you actually have to write. I want a table that focuses on the leader and provides room for writing and manipulatives. So I have 5 months to raise the money for my classroom! Be sure to check out my Donor's Choose website by clicking the logo ABOVE!

When I started looking for kidney tables I came across some other lovelies that I would DIE to have. Let me share.
I actually might break down and buy this myself. I know it is expensive but I really want one to organize math centers by chapter. EDIT I found one HERE. For $50 and snagged it up pretty quick!!
This little baby is inexpensive enough that I could purchase it with my class money. When we leave library and go to lunch we sit our books on the hallway floor outside the cafeteria. They are always being kicked and stepped on. Perfect way to solve the problem. EDIT: PURCHASED it today! Found it for $27 HERE!
Okay, maybe now I am getting really greedy but this would be so fun to have next to my new kidney table for math groups!
I actually am going to have to purchase one of these puppies I'm afraid. We have a new math morning series--Mountain Math and I need a way to display it each week. This way I won't have to staple anything to bulletin boards.
On the note of math:) :
Since I am a begger I won't be a chooser. I will just be happy for what I have and that is A JOB! Woo hoo! Anyone think Michael Phelps is going to bust tomorrow night in the finals?? I'm scared for him! And something else I'm scared about

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