Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out With The Old!

So Monday evening got a new look!? What do you think?
Out with the old blog design and in the the NEW! I do kinda miss the bright blue design with my chalkboard. But I opted for something more girly and easy on the eyes!

Also on Monday I hit the classroom and organized a bunch of furniture! I work in an old--ancient building that had original carpet AND let me tell you it was NASTY! So you have to guess that I was super excited to hear that they were taking my carpet out and replacing it with tile this summer. But every pro has a con---I had to pack up my classroom and completely store everything for the summer. Upon my arrival back into my room here it what I got:
(How nasty is that wall?)

Overwhelmed yet? So needless to say I'm pretty antsy to get in next week and put some finishing touches on the good ol' room we call 3C.
I absolutely love how great my crates looked around this table too! The janitors moved it in from the "extra room"---But I later found out it belongs to Title Tutoring and I have to return it...What a rain on my parade. But I am throwing out my desk and substituting it for a table. I just have to find one!! Well that is all for today folks! I am home alone working on the another project:
So far they look really good. I'm not using duct table though. I'm fairly certain I am going to Modgepodge them with scrapbooking paper! Can't wait to share my finished project! Happy hump day!


Heather said...

I feel like tile floors are a blessing and a curse. Theyre easier to clean but the NOISE! Through all my subbing in the past year i could definitely tell differences in noise levels between carpeted and non carpeted rooms. Also, the older schools in my area have awesome walls like that... Ours open so you can hear the classroom next door lol but yours look pretty sturdy!
I love your crate chair btw! I saw that on Pinterest but was unsure if they would be tall enough.. Having seen them in person, do you think they are?
Beautfilu blog!

Courtney @ said...

@Heather My kids love them!!! They work great!

Qasim Khan said...

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