Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teacher or Hoarder? You decide. (Updated)

So with a month left of summer I am finally getting my rear in gear so to speak. As you probably saw before- I wrote about several projects I wanted to complete before summer was over here. Yesterday I headed over to to the neighbor state of IL to do some shopping. After spending way too much money I came home with:
six crates

25 red folders. These will be used to hold student goal/graphing sheets.
You know people look at your weird when you pick up 25 folders in Wal-Mart.

And 25 Home Depot Nail Aprons. So I can turn this
But I am thinking I may rip out the middle seam. If you look carefully they are holding chapter books. The pockets really aren't big enough for picture books. So tomorrow I'm going to rip one out and see how it goes.
UPDATE: I ripped the middle seam out of one and it worked perfectly for larger books! Works great! Get to seam ripping ladies! Goodluck:) TADA
And please don't ever think I would read such a book. My boyfriend trains dogs professionally and a friend of his wrote it!
And today after one trip to the hardware store because I ran out of staples I ended up with these beauties (One tutorial here):

I was very happy how they turned out! They really didn't take much time either. I bought the fabric($3.50 each) at Hobbylobby. The crates at Biglots ($3.50 each) and the wood ($15.89) I bought at Home Depot. They also cut it there for free. I ended up with way too much wood so I'm hoping I can either A: Make several more or B: Pawn it off on another teacher who plans on doing the project. Oh yea, the foam was also from Hobbylobby. On sale for $13. The foam was enough for 8 crates. So I have two extras! Grand total of yesterday's shopping spree? Way too much for a third grade teacher--lets put it that way. Have a fab Friday! I actually think I'm going to make the hour drive down to my classroom to play around for a bit tomorrow! Wish me luck-my car has no air currently.
Lovely right?


4321Teach said...

Stinks to have to drive so far to get anything. (Guess I am spoiled living in the city.) Keep cool in the 100+ degree weather! Yeah Missouri in July.


Janaye said...

The crates came out great! Can't wait to see your finished pockets!

Courtney @ said...

Luckily I live about right across the river from IL! So it is a skip, hop, and a jump! It is so stinkin hot here in MO! Luckily we got a cloudy day today and it is in the 80s! WOO HOOO! Stay cool lady!

Courtney @ said...

Thanks I am posting a picture right now of the seam ripped pockets!

Unknown said...

Ahh! The crate seats! I have been debating about making them for my classroom. I moved to a new building and only have chairs for student desks. It drives me crazy to have them moving chairs to reading group every time the groups change. I was hesitating because I thought they would be too low. Do you think they would work well at a guided reading table? Yours look beautiful!


Courtney @ said...

Christine, I don't see why they wouldn't work! That is what I made mine for. Crates may be different sizes depending on where you get them and you can also use thicker foam. I say go for it:) good luck

RealOCteachers said...

Your crates turned out cute!

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

Courtney @ said...

Thanks! I was really happy with them!! I love your blog name! How cute!

Anne Tussing said...

Great idea for using the Home Depot aprons!

Brandi said...

Thanks for the tip on the home depot aprons!

Success in Second Grade

Courtney @ said...

Im a copycat but thanks!!!

Courtney @ said...

Welcome good luck:)

Unknown said...

I love that fabric on your crate seats!
Modern Kindergarten

Janaye said...

Oh, cool! Glad that worked out!!

Unknown said...

Did you just tied the aprons on the chairs? I am afraid the kids will undo them...any ideas?

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