Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day Finds!

The first day has come and gone and the second one is halfway over! CRAZY how fast these first few days go! I'm already ready for the weekend and this cool down weather. I LOVE FALL! Now to business. I have 18 little dollbabies currently. My first day went so great that I'm scared that something bad is going to happen. It went WAY to perfect. Here are a few things we did today and yesterday! Enjoy!!
This little gem. VIA
We did this today, the second day of school. They turned out so cute. I already hung them out in the hall!! VIA

Just like last year I whipped out the cursive license again. The Third Wheel has a super fun activity that the kids LOVE doing. We fill out the application, take pictures, sign the card, and laminate them. They are pretty fun! I think it makes them feel a bit mature too.

This year I am really pushing the 7 Habits within the Leader In Me program. These little posters are perfect for explaining habits to young ones! Check them out! Can't wait to hang these pups up.
With that in mind we started talking about goals. This packet is a great resource for talking about realistic goals and not so realistic goals. VIA. It also has some great pictures to color if you are finished early. We played a little game on the smart board and did a thumbs up for realistic goals and thumbs down with not realistic. We wrote four goals we had for third grade. These will go in the goal folders and be shared at parent-teacher conferences. I'm super excited about this.

We also used this packet to talk about rules and made superhero students and shared what rules these super students followed best. It was fun!
Have a super weekend!