Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Room Tour Linky Party

Second day back at work and I'm feeling lucky people. Yesterday I won (three drawings) including: a 10 dollar gift card to a local cafe,a super sassy MSTA polo shirt, a $25 Wal-Mart gift card, and a yummy dove chocolate bar. A few days ago I won an amazing giveaway from:
Little Lovely Leaders
I won 29 different things and I can't wait to share my feedback to you on my favorites!!! I may buy a lotto ticket today people. I guess that is the way of welcoming me back to a 35 mile drive to work. If so I will take it! Anywho my school count down is getting closer:

With this in mind I decided to do a tour of my classroom and what's better than one classroom tour? Well LOTS of classroom tours of course! So show us your wonderful classroom. Show us your math centers, your cabinets, your carpet, the way you organize your desk (or not), and your cubbies! Let us be jealous. Just post the following link to get the graphic on your page and link up! Enjoy!

This is the view from my desk!
This chair belonged to my great grandpa who passed away when I was in highschool. I got it at my great grandparent's estate auction for $2. Its super comfy and kinda ugly but the kids love to sit in it. I can't imagine ever replacing it. It has a lot of sentimental value.
Here I will be writing daily/weekly objectives. The font is from but I downloaded these last year from another blog!
Another whiteboard view
My cubbies look so bare this year. Previously I had books stacked on top of them. I filed them away (see pic below) and now I'm going to hang anchor charts above here.
I reused old files to sort my Story-Town reading series by chapter. We have leveled books that are colored that go along with our vocab and weekly objectives. Now all I have to do is open to that week and pull them out. This is going to save so much time.
This is where I store all my math manipulatives and supplies. I think I'd die without this cabinet.
This was the set up for meet the teacher night. Popcorn feebie (I can't remember who made it sorry!) frog name tag (Random frogs I know) and parent packet! You can download my parent letter here. It also has a donor's choose permission slip inside of it as well as an outline of rules and procedures. If anyone would like a copy of that shoot me an e-mail.
This is the most exciting thing that I have made this summer. I can't wait to share what is inside of these puppies! Be sure to check back next week to see how we are tracking our goals---with data!! WOO HOOO! I'm also giving away all the editable files as a freebie. Stay tuned.
I have an overload of whiteboards... so here they lay.
We do AR testing so each bin is leveled. The chapter books on the left side are 4.0-4.9 and the ones of the right are 3.0-3.9. Books above 4.9 won't come out until someone needs them. We have lots of non-fiction books that are 5th+ to look at but I am really strict on what books each child reads. It worked really well for us last year so I'm hoping it do again this year!.
A close up of my book labels!
Reading carpet!
This shelf was MESS all last year! I finally got it organized. Now I'm waiting to find the perfect fabric to cover it up! It is just used for storage.
We post vocab words here and as a student finds a vocab word in a book they get to add their name to the word. We count up the most names at the end of the semester and I give out prizes to the top three who find the most vocab words in books!

I have a few more pictures to add but for some reason they won't e-mail to myself. Can't wait to see your room. I know some people have already posted tours in the past week! But you can still link up.


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