Monday, September 24, 2012

Dictionary Shimcksonary

Hello Monday---already!? Where did the weekend go? On Saturday we went out to celebrate my boyfriend's 28th birthday! I also got 2 inches cut off my hair. It made me super sad to see it go but it needed it for sure! This week is also a 4 day week for us. We have a "Teacher's Meeting" Friday and then I'm headed to God's Country--Iowa for the weekend. I have so many fun things coming up for the month of October! Nashville, a fall party planned, my birthday, Mizzou Homecoming, and Halloween! Now onto new business!

Last week in class we made dictionary kites! I needed a dictionary activity that was fun--lets face it looking up words in the dictionary isn't fun! I started trying to find an activity on Pinterest and came across
these lovelies from The First Grade Parade. I evolved it a little bit to make it our own and ended up with these!
It went extremely well. I don't think I would have been able to do it with my kiddos last year but my kids in this room are so bright!They:
chose their own word to find
wrote the guide words
found out what part of speech it was
wrote down the page number
wrote down the definition
and some drew a picture of it if they finished early! They turned out so cute. A fellow teacher across the hall had a super cute idea also. She made a "dictionary" page using the students names in her room! They put their names in ABC and made a definition and syllable break down for their names.

It was a perfect time to do it because the local Elks organization donated a dictionary to every third grader through the Dictionary Project the following day! They were so excited, I couldn't believe it! We had an assembly and we looked up words together. It was like Christmas morning. I felt like Oprah- You get a dictionary - You get a dictionary! YOU GET A DICTIONARY! Check it out if you are interested in getting dictionaries for your classroom. I'm not sure how the process works but it may be doable!
I'm still at work and just finished my first paper for my masters! Yucky! Happy Monday! I'm going to bed people.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rounding Hundreds Chart Freebie!

So last year I came across this little gem from but now you have to be a member:( and I'm a poor teacher that is too cheap to by a membership:( So I just made my own this year and it is FREE for all the poor teachers of the world.

Download your own here!
Let me know what you think:) We shaded ours like we did previously and then put them into our math notebooks! Woo hoo! Have a great week. It is baby shower time for me. I have two kids absent today---So 16 kids here today. Crazy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ways We Use Numbers Anchor Chart and Math Notebook Insert!

Ways We Use Numbers Anchor Charts:
Download Your Own!

Download Your Own!
We glued these fancy things into our math notebooks too. Simply fold down the middle. Cut the dotted lines and write examples inside the flaps! Glue and ta-da! You have one of these puppies:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Update: Anchor Chart Freebie, Link-Up, Giveaway Winner!

Download Your Own Here!
I'm working on adding to our math and grammar anchor chart walls. I'll admit I do not make anchor charts on big white paper like the rest of the world. Why? I hate my handwriting, I can't draw, and they DO NOT stay on our cement blocked walls for anything. I love making them on the computer or finding them online and printing them on colored paper. I sometimes splurge--print them in color and laminate to use again. I'm also linking these anchor charts up!

Something good from home: This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower for a dear friend! She is having a baby boy named Brody Neal- Can that name get anymore precious!?
Also boyfriend is in the U.P. bear hunting this week. I'm farm sitting for him.. I have 17 dogs, one cat, and a pig to watch this week. It is also his birthday and I'm planning a big surprise when he gets home Friday!

Something good from school: The girls in my room are reading BOOKWORMS! We compete for AR points with the other 3rd grade classes and we are winning big time. Who ever has the most points at the end of the quarter whens I seriously did type that.. wins an ice cream party.. I can almost taste the fudge in my mouth already;)
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Even/Odd activity and a Number Pattern Freebie!

Why do I keep thinking that today is Friday? I'm guess I'm ready to go shopping----This weekend I'm heading down to St.Louis for a Field Trial..if you know what that is then I'm super impressed. It has to do with retriever dogs. If you didn't know my boyfriend owns kennels at his house... Cold Tree Kennels to be exact. Anywho I went to my first class last night for my Masters program. I'm super excited to get started finished! I will end up graduating in May of 2014...that seems like light-years away!! This week we talked about number patterns and even and odd numbers!
We did an activity that the kids LOVED! We took dry erase markers and made two big circles on our desk (be sure to collect the markers right after they draw..or they will keep drawing) We then counted out 9 markers. We divided numbers into the two groups to see if it was an even number or an odd number. Then we discussed how we could make each set even if it was odd and vice versa. (adding more or subtracting)
I thought it was a great visual. I'm excited to see how the worksheet goes alone tomorrow.

Click to Download
Yesterday's focus was number patterns! I'm hoping to have my kids create more patterns on their own later this week.

We also began talking more about word problems and the words that go in them. Many kids struggle when it comes to realizing rather to add or subtract during word problems. I've found some excellent resources to hopefully eliminate this problem that I know all my students could benefit from doing. Check them out!

This sort is included in the packet
We glued this anchor chart into our math journals! After that we did this word sort by ourselves to check for understanding

We also glued these in and discussed how to use them... I was surprised on how many kids didn't understand that moving down a row was adding ten! YIKES! We may need more practice:)

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Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th Kids Video Via BrainPOP

A great explanation to children who don't understand the circumstances we endured on 9/11

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

I am so excited to annouce that has agreed with to give a WONDERFUL pen sharpener to one lucky follower!! Enter below! Must like them on Facebook!
If you haven't had the chance to use one of these things they are amazing. We got ours last week (in blue) and I'm seriously way impressed. They are so funky and work great. The kids said they looked very modern and they do.
VIA a Rafflecopter giveaway
You must be a US resident to participate! Good luck loves!

Comparing Numbers Game

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! But now we are back to school and today we are comparing numbers!
Download your own numbers here!
This morning I was in need of a math center in a crunch! I decided to jot down some numbers and laminated them in a jiffy for a quick math game. We broke down in groups of three and each person had a number. We ordered them from greatest to least and then least to greatest and then switched a couple times. Who doesn't love getting out of their seat during math time?
We went to a beautiful wedding this weekend that was literally to die for!
Gorgeous right!? And my boyfriend caught the guarder..pretty sure it is like the 8th one he has caught by now..;) I print most of my games on colored paper since I don't have access to a (free) colored printer this year:( bummer. Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Math Notebook Entry and Freebie Friday!

I'm so proud of the accomplishments we have made this week with place value and such. The kids have really come a long way and I think they are really understanding the "value" of each number. Today we did a place value block activity that went extremely well! We made numbers two different ways and drew the pictures of what they looked like.
You can download your own paper here!

I finally got my place value cards laminated for block work!
Then we played a matching game with standard and expanded form! I really feel like I have done a much better job teaching place value than I did last year. It helps that my kids are a bit better at math too. I really have a bright group I don't really have anyone that is struggling all around.

Moving on....Math notebooks are my most favoritest (Can I say that?) thing in the whole entire world!
Today we took this WONDERFUL comparing number anchor chart from here. Cut them up and glued them into our math notebooks for examples. They turned out so cute!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"I can write numbers 4 ways" Number Freebie and Poster freebie

The past couple days we have been working on this in class! I think this is a great way to practice what we have been doing. To us this give kids place value blocks so they can make the picture before they draw it out.
What do you think? I'd love to know if you end up using it! I would recommend doing one or two columns a day. Expanded form was the death of us. We need to revisit it again for sure.

I also created these anchor charts! Click to download!
Happy Wednesday!