Thursday, September 13, 2012

Even/Odd activity and a Number Pattern Freebie!

Why do I keep thinking that today is Friday? I'm guess I'm ready to go shopping----This weekend I'm heading down to St.Louis for a Field Trial..if you know what that is then I'm super impressed. It has to do with retriever dogs. If you didn't know my boyfriend owns kennels at his house... Cold Tree Kennels to be exact. Anywho I went to my first class last night for my Masters program. I'm super excited to get started finished! I will end up graduating in May of 2014...that seems like light-years away!! This week we talked about number patterns and even and odd numbers!
We did an activity that the kids LOVED! We took dry erase markers and made two big circles on our desk (be sure to collect the markers right after they draw..or they will keep drawing) We then counted out 9 markers. We divided numbers into the two groups to see if it was an even number or an odd number. Then we discussed how we could make each set even if it was odd and vice versa. (adding more or subtracting)
I thought it was a great visual. I'm excited to see how the worksheet goes alone tomorrow.

Click to Download
Yesterday's focus was number patterns! I'm hoping to have my kids create more patterns on their own later this week.

We also began talking more about word problems and the words that go in them. Many kids struggle when it comes to realizing rather to add or subtract during word problems. I've found some excellent resources to hopefully eliminate this problem that I know all my students could benefit from doing. Check them out!

This sort is included in the packet
We glued this anchor chart into our math journals! After that we did this word sort by ourselves to check for understanding

We also glued these in and discussed how to use them... I was surprised on how many kids didn't understand that moving down a row was adding ten! YIKES! We may need more practice:)

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Happy Thursday!


Amy Griffith said...

I love the odd even activity. I've had students draw dots in the two groups before to see if there was an "odd man out", but I like how tactile using maps is. I'm so glad to find another 3rd Grade blog with wonderful ideas. I'll be following!! Amy

Griffith’s 3rd Grade Garden

Amy Griffith said...

I meant manips, not maps. Darn spell correct!! :)