Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas in the Classroom!

So many districts nationwide don't allow Christmas! But guess what? We do! And I'm all for it. With this in mind we are going full force right after Thanksgiving Break! Here are some ideas that we have hidden in our stockings so far..
  I want to hang these cuties inside our room from the ceiling

Great Review for synonyms!
This never gets old

I can't wait to decorate my door!
  I want to decorate outside with these gems. How fun is this?
These will come up just in time to teach cause and effect!
I'd really like to take on a project like this for my class party.. Not sure if I'm up for all that mess though..

Something like this may be more doable!

 Look at all these Christmas in the Classroom Pinterest Boards  for pretty nifty classroom ideas
 Not in the Christmas spirit just yet? Download your own door sign HERE


Amy Howbert said...

Really cute things here! Glad I stopped by!
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Amy Howbert
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Courtney said...

Thanks:) visit often!