Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting over the Christmas slump with centers

I've already heard teachers saying their kids are getting the Christmas slump.. I refuse to let this happen in my room. I'm really trying to find a lot of themed things to keep up busy this month but also keep us on task. One of my biggest struggles as a SECOND year teacher is finding the time to laminate and keep centers. I'm always printing them but (1) I don't have access to a colored printed this year.. which STINKS and (2) I don't have helpers to laminate and cut for me and I don't want to laminate black and white centers anyways. Ugggg-lay. So with that in mind I save a copy to my Google Doc Drive (for the future) and just print a copy in black and white. Then I know if I like it I'll take the time to laminate and make a color copy next year---and if I don't like it then well, I never wasted any time! Check out some of my newest favorites! I know you and your students will love them too. Some of them cost but they are worth it.

Classroom Game Nook
If you haven't found out about Classroom Game Nook head over there quick! Her work is amazing and extremely thoughtful.
We did this today! I sat the cards up around the room and we walked around and answered each card. I'm sure the game way is great too! I like how they had to really think about each card and what makes since.. HINT: when laying out the cards please note they are numbered.. I didn't realize that then our cards were out of order! :)
Kid tested.. Teacher approved!
Possessive Nouns are the pits but dressing nakie Santas makes it a little bit more fun! I printed 5 copies and broke my kids into 5 groups of three. I grouped them by levels! They loved it.

The Christmoose centers are great for reviewing. I also own the Halloween edition!

We hung up our hand tree today! I'm looking for some kind of present craft to put under it... Do you have any fun stuff planned that we could do!?

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Amy Howbert said...

Oh my word, the nakie Santas are so funny!

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