Thursday, December 13, 2012

Persuasive Writing & Author's Purpose!

I finally started my winter bulletin board! This one is going to stay up until Spring! We have to add a couple more things. I'm really happy with how it looks so far. Mr. Snowman is wearing a green scarf now too. Today, I'm doing my Friday dance a bit early. My kids are in walking club then go to recess and I don't have duty! Woo Hoo. So teaching is over for me today and I'm getting things organized for Friday. This week we were studying Author's Purpose we really found some great things to go along with it.
We did a sort to check our progress.
Then we did a persuasive paragraph asking someone to buy us a present. You can download the graphic organizer and final copy sheet here. I love finding out what they want. Most of them wanted electronics---tablets, D.S. ETC. My favorite was a futon such a weird gift.

Our neighbors did a sort similar to this next door and really enjoyed it!

If you haven't heard about the great giveaway going on at check it out at Tanya Rae's Blog---here! I'm giving away 4 odd/even number puzzles! Have a great weekend. 7 more days until X-mas BREAK!