Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Madness and Our Fall Reading Week..

Today our Title 1 Math Teacher came to visit and she is simply AMAZING! She is so good with the kids and we love it when we comes into our classroom and teaches lessons. She always gives us a good laugh.

We did a Home Run Derby "Scoot" Activity- (Subtraction across zero) We sat the cards in places around the room and walked around and did the problem. I love that it gets the kids up moving before 9AM! Check it out HERE!. You are in luck it is a TPT freebie!
We ended our lesson by watching this lovely little video! Check it out. It is quick and painless.

This week we are doing a "Fall Reading Week". To me---It is December---fall is over but I guess it technically doesn't start until December 21 so I won't complain. Anywho...we have challenges in our class throughout the week along with daily dress up days!

Monday-"Hats off to a good book" (Hat Day)
Tuesday-"Root for a good book" (Sports wear)
Wednesday-"Cuddle up to a good book" PAJAMMIES DAY! My personal favorite, rocking the yoga pants, Uggs, and V-neck.
Thursday-"Hunt for a good book" (CAMO day) We live in Missouri what else do you expect? :)
Friday-"Show your reading spirit" (School colors day)

Our reading challenges are done by class and if we document that we read for 30 minutes, watch a movie that was a book, listen to a story on tape, read with a partner, and read with our kindergarten buddies we pass!! We will receive a certificate from our Title Reading Coaches that entitles us to bring breakfast to school and watch a morning video! Very doable it also helps some of our friends who have no met their AR reading Goal earn some last minute points. One of my students has 60 points as her goal! I know she will make it too. Most of my girlie students have points that are 20-30..boys on the other hand not so energetic... 10-15. Last year my students were totally opposite (boys were more energentic) It is so funny how that changes with every classroom. I love pushing my students with high reading goals. I've realized it makes them read more at home:) Also our class (usually) wins the monthly prize for the class with the highest AR points total(for each grade level)! This month we earned a pop-corn party. woo hoo!

This week are are also comparing and contrasting. So far we have compared M&Ms to Skittles. The book Because of Winn Dixie to the movie and Christmas to Thanksgiving. Today for a center rotation I set up a pile of random things and students are going to compare/contrast two items on the table. I'm thinking it is going to be tough for some off my not-wanting-to-thinkers but I'm also up for a challenge!
Oh another note, check back later on next week for my fluency card freebies! Click to make the preview larger.

Happy Wednesday!