Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh the new year and telling time directions

I can't believe it is already 2013. Where did the time go!? This winter is flying by and I'm already ready for SPRING and SUMMER! This week we are focusing on time! If you aren't a member of Superteachersworksheets.com I urge you to be! They have great resources for telling time and they are ALL in my lesson plans for the upcoming week. Along with those lovelies today we created a very simple anchor chart for telling time. Nothing fancy--Just directions that we can follow on how to do it to the nearest five minutes. You can snag your own copy to add to your math notebooks or anchor chart wall below! Print on colored paper for extra eye candy!

Click to download on TPT

I know I have also blogged about Smart Exchange before but it has been forever ago. They have several SmartBoard resources that go along with time. They are interactive and fun to do as a class while teaching the concepts! Sign up on their website then just search time. You won't regret it--they have Smart Notebook activities for most math concepts.

Last Thursday we set personal and school goals with out students for 2013 and talked about how to earn your goals. I'm so proud of my students' AR goals. I have one student who wanted to make hers 70 but we settled for 65. Last quarter her goal was 60 and she ended with 63! She is such a bookworm. I set goals along with my students. My main goal of the school year was to teach one of my students who didn't qualify for special services to read. She has already been held back and still struggles. She usually reads at a kindergarten level. My goal is to sit down with her individually every day (even though she is pulled with title) to practice sounding out words. She knows the letter sounds and blends but she has trouble pulling them all together. I hope I can continue to work with her. She is my biggest challenge but such a hard worker. I hope I can continue to teach her strategies and she will use them...and that they work!!!

On another note my boyfriend left for Texas until March! I miss him already but I'm super excited to go to Texas twice in the next month to visit! I'm taking a couple days off in January to fly down and then again in February over Valentine's Day. I love Dallas and can't wait to enjoy their warm warmer winter weather! It has been so cold here the past couple weeks that my little mini pig has moved into my apartment with me. I know she is driving my roommate crazy but she has adjusted quite well to living in the kitchen. As a mini pig owner I wouldn't really advise anyone to ever buy one but I do love her! They take a lot of work and so much patience. Yesterday I came home and somehow she knocked her food bag off the table and onto the floor. She ate so much while I was gone that she was in a little food coma. I guess we are all good for a good eatin' every once in a while. I'm still wondering how she managed to get that thing down..Hopefully that belly ache taught her something;)
Have a great week!