Friday, January 11, 2013

Telling Time Scoot Freebie + Cause and Effect

Our lovely clock received an upgrade! We added half past, a quarter until, and a quarter after to our wall! I'm hoping this will help it stick :)
I also created a Telling Time Scoot game to get the kids up out of their seats! It is Friday and Fridays are always rough. I think they enjoyed it! It will be free on TPT until Monday! Download it while you can and please leave feedback. I would print the times on colored paper and laminate them. After Monday it will be $1.50. You can also use this as a center activity. It is up to you. let me know what you think:)
Download your own here!

During our same time chapter we learn graphing too. Last year I won a fabulous graphing mini unit from Ginger Snaps. I wish I would have had it last year when I taught graphing but I didn't so I was saving it all year for this upcoming week. It is $6.50 on TPT and worth every penny! It has great colored anchor charts, examples, and matching games. So if you are looking for something to use..head over here!
I'm happy to say I earned $14.34 on TPT this quarter:) woo hoo! I know it isn't much but hey it bought my dinner last night! I want to continue to add things to my store throughout the next year.
We also did these (free) activities this week! Check them out!
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be working on writing the first half of my master's thesis. BLAH! And then perhaps I will go spend my $50 VS gift card:)