Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What teachers really want to tell parents

new teachers remain in our profession an average of just 4.5 years

So does that mean I'm ready for retirement already?! Wooo Hoo! Victory dance. Yea right. I think I'll beat the odds.
If you haven't seen this article on CNN I urge you to read it RIGHT AWAY! It truly explains what many of us deal with on a daily basis that isn't fair. My favorite part is when they talk about arguing with your doctor. You wouldn't do that so why argue with us. We do see children in a different light. We see them not as babies but as busy working bees! (hopefully)What are your thoughts?

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jen said...

That is a great article! I want to print it out and leave it for my parents to read during parent/teacher conferences!! Thank you :)


Abe said...

Being a teacher and a parent, I sympathize with both. However I think this was a poorly written article with an overarching pompous tone. I will say that his advice on how to approach a problem is excellent, but If his goal is to reach out to parents- he failed. He gives the teacher an aura of infallibility. As a parent if a teacher tells me my kid has done something wrong that requires a conference I would like something concrete in support of that. Is there something wrong with that? School is a microcosm of society and when a child is accused of something, and is presumed guilty, what does that teach him about society and the rule of law? it teaches that he is subservient to the arbiters of our society, and his word (even if he is right) does not matter. That's not something I want my kid to learn. Lets teach our kids to be independent, self analyzing, critical thinkers, and not fall in line, do as i say workers bee's. This seems to be what Mr. Clark wants from both students and parents. Thank for your time, and great blog :)


Courtney @ said...

That's what I meant by working bees;) thanks for sharing! Interesting point of view!

Courtney @ said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

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