Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Technology thoughts &

Someone came to me with this image to share on technology and I was excited to pass it on! It is so true! What do we Know Infographic

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What technology do you love the most in your room? I adore my Smartboard and I would do anything to have a class set of ipads! I would do so much on them. It would be amazing. I've been trying out a couple different websites recently and really have become a fan of! Plus, my kids love it too. If you haven't used it before check it out.
Each student logs in under their name with a password so each classroom is private. My students all have the same passwords but are only allowed to log in under their own name

I add the assignment on the main blog page and students click to enter it. (see how some of my students even upload their own pictures at home)
Once they log in  and click on their assignment it pops right up! They read it and hopefully follow the directions. To reply they just comment right below the post. Once they finish their post they are allowed to go to multiplication websites or other math games. Best of all-- is free! Students can post their own blog updates and reply to others as well. My students even get on here at home over the weekends. It makes me laugh to read what they write to each other. Try it! What other free websites to you use for your kids?
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our past month in pictures!

Let's play catch up, shall we? I never realized how busy my life was until I started taking Master's classes, driving an hour to work, taking care of animals, and doing after school activities, all while maintaining a personal life....EXHAUSTING. Remember in college when you woke up, went to class then went back to sleep? I miss that some days but then again I don't because I have the best job ever. Here is our past month in a few pictures! My e-mail isn't working on my phone right now so I can't get my Lorax door uploaded. I guess I will save it for another day!
I had the best Valentine's Day party ever! Here are a few of my favorite boxes! The PEPSI picture just doesn't do justice- a family member of my student works there and it was so cool. It even had a change slot.

My favorite subject to teach is math. I love it so much and there are so many fun things you can do to with it. This math wall came from THIS UNIT. You can buy it on TPT. It is missing a few posters that I'd like to have but we got over it.

With geometry we had symmetry of course. I found examples of these on Pinterest but a fifth grade class did them. I knew that my thirdies could do them- and it would be a challenge and they did a GREAT job! They turned out so nice that I laminated them for everyone. In order to flip the cursive we wrote it on the back and went down to the window and copied over it on the front. It made it much easier and was an easy adaptation in order for us to complete it on our own. I only have 2 out of 18 students who couldn't figure it out.
We added angles to our math notebooks!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday with door decor!
I guess it is crunch time people! I'm starting to freak out- state testing in a month!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Word Writings

I love writing and I love finding new ways to make it fun and engaging for my students. Something we tried recently that my students loved was me giving them 5 words and they have to turn it into a short story. Right now our main trait is sequencing and I gave my students five words: Frank, Billy Bob, lawnmower, sunk, and neighbor's house. My students were to write a short paragraph (at least 5 sentences) using the five words I gave them plus using our trait--sequencing. They had to have 5 sequencing/time order words in their paper and highlight them when they are done. They are so funny to listen to because everyone has the same five words but way different ideas. Some of my kids even turned Frank and Billy Bob into animals. Next time you have some free writing time or a sub try it!
Here are just a few words we came up with as a class to use for our sequencing words
First, second, last, third, Also, While, Then, next, finally, fifth, last but not least, after that, later, fourth, In the morning, in the afternoon, at night, before bed, earlier, yesterday, tomorrow
If you want to download the template we use CLICK HERE

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader?

Google Reader is gone as of July first? What will we do to follow all our blogs?
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How I use Google Docs Video and our intro to perimeter

Already Wednesday and we are on a roll! This day is especially exciting for me! My wonderful boyfriend is coming back from Texas where he has been for the past two months and my baby piggy is coming home! She moved to my aunts for the winter to stay in her barn.
Here they are last Spring together...Trying to be a piggy tamer.

Right now I'm in my final week of the technology class for my Master's degree. I just finished my final project and thought I'd share it with you all. I've been using Google Docs for YEARS and it is an excellent tool for collaboration and file sharing. It you are interested in learning how to use Google Docs watch my video! Let me know what you think. It needs to be enlarged to have the best viewing qualities!

I really do use Google Docs EVERYDAY! We share files and I have students type their assignments in our class account!

I'm excited to finish up our geometry unit! I love teaching geometry but It is such a long unit. I'll be excited to move onto fractions in two weeks. We are doing perimeter tomorrow and we will spend all next week reviewing for our test Thursday.
I'll start by introducing it with this book...

We will be singing the following perimeter song as well as adding it to our math notebooks.

Download your own here on Google Docs

My kids really enjoyed this rap video last year so I will be showing this tomorrow again.
We are also adding this cute little anchor chart in our notebooks. Because it is obviously known I love pigs!
I'm so worn out today. I can't wait to sleep in on Saturday and relax. Who else is ready for summer? I'm ready for a slow down. I decided not to teach summer school this year since I'm taking my Master's classes. I rather enjoy the time outside and focus on my homework. I also want to sneak into the principal's office and get some field experience hours in.. I have to have 240 this year.. I better get on that:) Enjoy your Thursday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Making Reading an Incentive

So recently one of my student's parents approached me with the idea of her staying after school for tutoring and I gave in. Just once a week working on reading skills one on one. But then we had some jealously issues! My other students wondered why they couldn't stay after school and read and I gave in! Then we created a new club. 3C's after school reading program. We meet once a week, enjoy snacks, good conversation, and of course READING. But not only is this club going to be full of extra reading, it is going to be full of reading projects and let me tell you that made everyone super excited. Word spread fast and my students are now spilling over with excitement in order to spend the extra hour after school doing more work. All of this work will be completed via the web! Summaries, story telling, videos, and plays are what we have in mind. Who knew by saying it is an incentive to stay after that we can encourage kids to love school work even more! Besides, I will be honest with you---I don't send homework.

So today I printed invitations on fancy colored paper and they ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd over the idea that they will get to spend one after school with their friends on Tuesday. Know we wait.... and see who shows up:)
I was pretty bummed when I found out cost! I really wanted to incorporate this into my program but obviously we aren't funded so.. I'm in need of some ideas! What websites do you kids create on? I could create a Wiki! But I want something more exiting. Let me know your thoughts or ideas.
Does anyone know when it is going to stop snowing? It has been snowing in Missouri for basically 2 weeks straight. I'm so ready for Spring. Have a great weekend! I'll be spending it doing homework. Blah. Exactly why I don't give it;)