Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Word Writings

I love writing and I love finding new ways to make it fun and engaging for my students. Something we tried recently that my students loved was me giving them 5 words and they have to turn it into a short story. Right now our main trait is sequencing and I gave my students five words: Frank, Billy Bob, lawnmower, sunk, and neighbor's house. My students were to write a short paragraph (at least 5 sentences) using the five words I gave them plus using our trait--sequencing. They had to have 5 sequencing/time order words in their paper and highlight them when they are done. They are so funny to listen to because everyone has the same five words but way different ideas. Some of my kids even turned Frank and Billy Bob into animals. Next time you have some free writing time or a sub try it!
Here are just a few words we came up with as a class to use for our sequencing words
First, second, last, third, Also, While, Then, next, finally, fifth, last but not least, after that, later, fourth, In the morning, in the afternoon, at night, before bed, earlier, yesterday, tomorrow
If you want to download the template we use CLICK HERE