Monday, April 15, 2013

MAP Attack Video!

7 days until we start our state testing!!! We are on the home stretch. In preparation to the MAP test we have dress up days all week. Today is geek day and I'm rocking some big glasses. Friday we will have a pep assembly to get ready for the big test. Check out what we have been working hard on for the past couple weeks. Can you find me? (I am also the bobcat) I would never recommend anyone ever putting on a moscot costume. I almost vomited. It smelled like old plastic-but it is for the kids right? I know they will love it! What does your building do in preparation for state testing? Anything exciting?

This Missouri rain is making me so sleepy this morning. I had a big day yesterday too! I spend the day in STL at the MS walk in Forest Park then went to the end of the Cardinals game!

Have a wonderful week. Hope you enjoy our video:)
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More Time 2 Teach said...

Good luck next week with testing! Our tests are this week with today being day 1 of 4 days. I actually do a few things to motivate my kiddos. As a matter of fact I've been blogging about them. I'd love for you to hop on over to my blog. Just this morning I posted a picture showing one of the ways I motivate my kiddos.Come on by...
:0) Melissa
More Time 2 Teach

Courtney @ said...

Good luck! I like your cards with smarties!

Andrea said...

LOVE this video! It is super cute. I think we may "harvest" your ideas. We are in Missouri too and start next week. Could I get a copy of your lyrics?

Courtney @ said...

Andrea I will see what I can do:) what is your email?! Thanks btw :)

Andrea said...

My email is if you can get them.

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