Thursday, April 11, 2013

One step in the right direction... AR Goals & Ipad Apps

Howdy do? Yesterday was Wednesday, which means we had an early out day with PD. A lovely young man from STL came up from The Leader In Me and presented a pretty interesting talk. I don't know if I really learned that much about Leader In Me but it cleared up a couple of things that I was unsure of! Plus I'm super excited because I get to travel to IL on the 26th of April and visit a Leader In Me school in action! With that in mind I thought I would share with you how I track our AR goals in our goal folders.
In my classroom books are either pass or fail. If you get an 80% or above you receive full points for the particular book. If you receive less than 80% then you don't earn any points. Bummer--but if you aren't understanding 80% of the book are you really becoming a better reader? I'm not so sure. So here is how we track our points:
I've made 5 point sheets that track points up to 77.5 points. Which is way above and beyond most students will go. Although I do have a student who has a quarterly reading goal of 74 AR points-but most average from 15-35. It really holds the students accountable for keeping track of their reading goal progress and elimates 20 students asking me each week how many points they have. They love filling in the sheets and I love meeting with them and seeing how close they are to reaching their new quarterly goal. It is fun to set them, it is crazy to see how much fire it puts under their little hineys! If you are interested in snagging your own you can purchase them at my TPT store for $1.50

At our meeting yesterday we discussed a few new handy I-pad Apps. Our building is becoming 1-1 technology in the next couple years. They are working out kinks to the process right now! We are deciding if we want tablets (not Ipads :( ) or laptops. 
I would love tablets with keyboards. I think keyboarding skills are very important for young child. Some great Apps were tossed around yesterday that I can't wait to try out.

Scoot Pad breaks down common core standards individually!

Teachers in my building use this Screen Chomp for struggling students. They have high students record examples then share them with lower students who need extra help in math. The struggling student can  play the example over and over for guided help!

Remote mouse can be used so your iPhone or iPad is a cordless mouse on your computer! Now you can walk around your room and use your mouse on your Smart board at the same thing! Genius!  I just downloaded it today and I'm obsessed!

Anymore Apps I need to know about? What are your favorites?

On another note, I found out last night I have an interview in another district Tuesday! It is for a fifth grade position. I'm really excited for my interview and I'm praying it goes well. I drive about an hour to work right now. I love my job and my students but the price I pay in fuel each month is insane! I can't save any money. I work in a wonderful building and really don't want to leave but with Master's classes, boyfriend, pets, family and driving 2 hours each day it is hard to balance everything. But only time will tell! So if you think about it say a prayer for me:) 
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Unknown said...

That is awesome that you all are moving to 1:1! Thanks for linking up!
The Techie Teacher

Unknown said...

I saw your post from Julie's linky. I have used all of the apps and they are all great :)! Happy Monday!
Sent From My iPad

Courtney @ said...

I know! Exciting:)

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