Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I've been MIA

I've been MIA for so long! I swear I'm coming back again soon! I've been taking a break since school is out for lots of professional development, grad school projects, party planning and weddings. Plus moving---not only myself out of my apartment but my classroom to a new building as well! I've got lots of goodies to share when I get back. I just have to get my summer in order first:) On another note! Then news came to the house this week to film their morning show LIVE! They also did another segment for their evening show. It turned out so nice so I'll brag on it....

Boyfriend is handsome right!? ;)
I also need a new blog name:( SINCE I'm no longer teaching third grade. I'm open to suggestions! I've come up with a few but can't really decide on something final. I want to keep my layout though- I'm still loving my poka-dots, even a year later.
So help me out. I can't wait to show pictures of my brand spankin' new classroom either. It is so lovely. I'll take pictures tommorrow and be back ASAP. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My first two weeks went WAY to stinkin fast!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Folder Inserts

Click on the photo to enlarge

I'm getting excited about next fall in fifth grade and have thought about upgrading a couple things. First on the list: Friday Folders. My old inserts had immature graphics so I did away with them and added better fonts. Check them out! You can purchase them HERE at my TPT store. They are on sale until Monday for $2!!

They are editable too so you can use them year after year

And since I love teachers (obvi) I'm giving away a few free files to the first three people to comment by answering what technology they wish they had in their classroom? Don't forget your e-mail address.
Because I did start my Donor's Choose PROJECT this week! I wan an Ipad mini!!

Comment away loves,
P.S. 4 1/2 days of school left!! WHAT!?


Please check out my Friday folder cover freebie post here to download the front page!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our simple Mother's Day Books template!

Today we are finishing up our Mother's Day books! I thought I'd share our template in case anyone needs a filler this week. Our books talk about the five senses and how they related to our mothers. I was really excited on how these turned out! I think our mothers will love them. Actually, I know they will! We are laminating them and binding them into books. We are also putting our hand print on the back with paint. It is never to late to be crafty!

Some of us even decided to paint the cover!

I've included the example that we used here. I did one of my dad so now one could copy! Gotta be ahead of them always don't cha? 
Example is here!

Also, I started a new Donor's Choose project this week! 
I'm really wanting to get an ipad mini for my classroom next fall. Fingers crossed that it will be a success! If you want to help out you can head over HERE. All gifts donated in the next 7 days will be matched using the code word "INSPIRE" at the checkout:)

I'm still recovering from the weekend today after I wore this beauties this weekend! My ankles are sore!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome May!

I'm glad it is finally MAY but I'm so not happy about this nasty, cold, and wet weather we have here in Missouri! I'm linkin up for some fun today!


I'm headed to my beautiful cousin's wedding this weekend in Van Buren, MO. My most favorite place in the whole world. I love Missouri, I'm a Missouri girl for life. We have beautiful outdoors here and I don't know if many people appreciate that as much as I do! I live for summers on the lakes and rivers and I love waking up the farm every morning in complete silence! My family is from the boot heel and I love revisiting that area. We have a lot of family history there! Including a store my Great Grandparents owned during the depression. It has a new owner now but still has our name!

Enjoy your weekend!