Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our simple Mother's Day Books template!

Today we are finishing up our Mother's Day books! I thought I'd share our template in case anyone needs a filler this week. Our books talk about the five senses and how they related to our mothers. I was really excited on how these turned out! I think our mothers will love them. Actually, I know they will! We are laminating them and binding them into books. We are also putting our hand print on the back with paint. It is never to late to be crafty!

Some of us even decided to paint the cover!

I've included the example that we used here. I did one of my dad so now one could copy! Gotta be ahead of them always don't cha? 
Example is here!

Also, I started a new Donor's Choose project this week! 
I'm really wanting to get an ipad mini for my classroom next fall. Fingers crossed that it will be a success! If you want to help out you can head over HERE. All gifts donated in the next 7 days will be matched using the code word "INSPIRE" at the checkout:)

I'm still recovering from the weekend today after I wore this beauties this weekend! My ankles are sore!!