Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Suns out buns out! Summer and BEFORE pictures of my new classroom!

Okay, I must admit I've been neglecting my blog for the past month and a half but I have good excuses I promissseee!! Let me show you! Picture overload starts now.

I saw Kenny Chesney in concert with 50,000 other people! Yes, that is him right there!!
And then I saw Eric Church and Eli Young Band then Kacey Musgraves, Brian Davis, Rick Monroe and Aaron Lewis.

Most of my time went to hosting a beautiful baby shower for my sister! I'm not sure the photos do justice! I made her a baby scrapbook but I didn't take any pictures. I loved the way it turned out. I'll have to get my hands back on it to take some.

  Every other waking moment has been spent in my new building. I haven't even signed my contract yet but I've got my keys! Which was pretty exciting. I've been working hours and hours on some common core stuff that I will reveal ASAP! Can't wait to share it with you all!

Here we go! Our building is divided into 3 wings. Early, middle and upper! We are the blue wing.

Past the skylights!

Okay, so obviously this is the door to my room. I'll be covering the glass with some kind of curtain. How distracting is that glass? I wish I could frost it..

Now don't judge the room just yet. It is a huge disaster. I haven't been able do anything yet except move a few things into the room. Welcom to 5th grade. Room 143. My smartboard is on the east wall.

This would be the south wall along with my southside view of the playground and the brick building on the left is the old school. The building I will be working in was built in 2007, the previous building was built years and years ago and the community holds so much history to my family. My Dad's family is from the "south side" of Hannibal, Missouri which is an area south of a creek that runs throught the town. My grandma went to elementary school (pictured below)! My Great Grandma actually owned a tavern that sat on the same lot the elementary school was built on in 2007. My grandpa was born and raised in the house that sat on this same property 70 years prior.

The west wall! This will be where my library will be as well as my kidney table.

The north wall. You know I was droloing over all this storage right??

My desk.o I personally love the fact that it is out of the way so I won't even have to use it!

If you are still with me, I'm impressed. Off to do laundry!
iTeach 5th

Check back later on this week for a review of this NEW children's game!
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

So last week this beauty arrived at my door!
And lemme tell ya, I was impressed--They have improved a lot from last year.I accidentally ordered the wrong color though so when I opened it I was like " umm this isn't mine" but it had my name on it! So, I checked the paper and it matched the colors on my order form. I thought I ordered a more colorful one but that's okay. My fault I suppose.
I said goodbye to these sweeties almost three weeks ago and met my fifth graders at my new school the following week! I wished I would have taken pictures of our end of the year party that we had! I bought everyone a water bottle and we signed them with markers. They turned out really cute and I thought was a great way to remember our last day  together.
Soon after my last day I was rushed over to my new building to see their final days of school. I loved how structured they are in everything they do. There is so much order in their hallway \expectations it makes me happy. They looped the 4th grade classes into the 5th grade classrooms so that should be interesting. I'm excited to see if that makes the first couple weeks transition easier since they already have that since of community or will they lose that a little since they are thrown into a new classroom?
I've already have three full PD days at my new school and have four more coming up next week. I'm learning all about their balanced literacy program which is pretty beneficial but a bit overwhelming. So more to learn with a new school I'm hoping I catch on quick! I learned so much on those three days my brain was fried. I think that is why I haven't been blogging. I'll be back soon with some goodies. Promise.

I still need a new blog name! HELP!