Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teaching With Class... A new blog design and birthday hat winners!

I'm elated to finally introduce my new blog design. I was looking for something more grown up that I wouldn't get tired of in the next couple years. I worked with Aubrey at Kinch Designs and I'm so happy with the outcome. Check her out if you are looking for a sassy blog design. She is so worth it. I'm also keeping missthirdgrade.com I decided I didn't want to lose all my pins and it would just be a hassle to move all these so pins and bookmarks won't change.
I messaged the two winners of the birthday hats via the wrong facebook account. Blonde moment here, the computer was logged in under the boyfriend's name. Soooo they may be hearing from me via e-mail. Anywho. Congrats to Ann Raye-Whittiker and Pina Disav! Headed to work do get this classroom in order. It is pretty ugly in there. Happy Tuesday!


Susan K. said...

Hello Courtney? I like your new blog design - very sophisticated and grown-up! Also, do you watch the show "Nashville"? You look like the person who plays Deacon's niece - I can't remember her name - Crystal - maybe? Either way this is a compliment.

The Colorful Apple said...

Your new blog design looks great!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

The Sweetest Thing said...

Absolutely love your blog design! Turned out great :)

The Sweetest Thing
Follow me on Bloglovin'!

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

Thanks Susan! I looked her up:) I didn't see it but ill take your word so thank you!!

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

Thanks Sara. I was looking for something simple and I found it:)

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

Thanks Lauren! It is a big change but I love it!

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