Thursday, August 8, 2013

Made it last Monday and ramble jambles

I've had a pretty productive week in my classroom and next week will be even better. Right now I'm procrastinating homework for my Master's class...bleh I'm in school law this month and lemme tell ya nothing is fun about it.
 I really did make this stuff on Monday-swear
Linking up for my Monday Made it of course!
So yesterday I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby and Big Lots buying fabric and crates. I had leftover wood from last year so no trips to Lowes (DARN;)
Tried to make a few "boyish" ones. The polka-dot one is more masculine that it appears and the back corner one is a nice "boy" plaid.

I had a TON of fabric.. I have to go buy three more crates!

I'm even putting them by my computers
Got my lovely posters hung up! Love them!
Another view...

My computer area is a work in progress

I am learning very (very very) slowly how to use the cricut I purchased last year.. I totally didn't use the vinyl the correct way but I got it up! The transfer paper was a huge bust so I just used my fingers and carefully placed it on the door.. I was so happy with how it turned out!
Banner is precious too BTW.
I'm so sad that summer is ending soon. I seriously don't think I could ever work in the summer again after being a teacher. It is meant to enjoyed for sure.

See why I don't want summer to end at this place?

360 Bar in STL (See the stadium)
Many of our evenings have been spent on the porch, glass of wine, with my piggy and boy!
AND my week old niece made it to town tonight! It was love at first sight.
Here is here in her jammies, wide awake of course!