Monday, September 30, 2013

What I've bought recently....TPT edition

I swear I'm not dead... my head is still above water..BARELY. Transitioning to 5th grade is tough when you have ZERO resources and ZERO dollars to spent. I've come up with my list of best TPT finds that I've purchase since school has started.. I don't even want to know how much money I've spent. Please do not remind me.

I purchased this today actually and I've over the moon to use it. I just have to find the time. None of the younger grades in my building are teaching roots yet...We are still making the transition to Common Core. This packet is a great tool that could supplement your reading program.

I just started this narrative unit today and I'm so excited for it. Since I'm teaching all 5th grade writing I've really looked into resources for it. This unit has been the best narrative unit I've purchased so far...and I purchased three others:( wah wah wah..

This will do the part for assessing wonderfully however I didn't know how I was going to each any of it!! So I had to buy the 4th/5th grade writing and grammar task cards to help with my instruction. They are a perfect pair together. Who knew?
 I have been using these everyday now!
No word wall yet since I do not have access to a colored printing.. lame I know. But I was happy with the size of these beauties.
We are posting our objectives in our classrooms and these are great. They don't come with science or SS though.. Read the fine print. I failed to do that:) Of course! Ha. Still worth it though.

The following three things I haven't been able to use yet but I've excited to fit them in sometime this year.. We just haven't learned enough to use them yet. I would recommend them all though.
So now that I've spent 1/2 my paycheck I better be sticking to 5th grade for a long while. I can't imagine switching grades again for several more years! YIKES


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Room 143

Welcome to my world. 143.

My desk is controlled chaos..I promise

I love my paper organizer to the left of my desk

I have them labled so I can just grab my lesson plans
and copies
My Big Lots steal

My books, still transitioning to lexiles.. I hate 'em

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my  curtains. My favorite seamstress made these in 2 days. She is really amazing. She could sew a house I swear.

My computer and back board

More to come!

Anyone had a lice scare yet? I truly do believe I had it two weeks ago. Two girls in my class have already had it and I'm sure it is still lingering somewhere. I had the nurse check me TWICE. I couldn't even sleep at night I was so itchy. I woke up and steamed my whole bed, washed my sheets, scrubbed my head, fried every hair with my straightener and never itched since. Everyone told me I was just going crazy but I'm not lying I really think I had it. I'm clean now though I swear

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Organizing Data & Benchmark Information

So I'm barely hanging in 5th grade. Each day is easier and so far I'm in love with it. I'm so excited to share that I am the 5th grade writing teacher and was able to give up teaching science. YUCK! I love teaching writing and I really feel like this chance will allow me to focus more on spreading my love for it! Now that I'm done being cheesy...Let me share with you how I'm organizing all my data that I have to do---behavior, Star Math, Star Reading, F&P Benchmarks and so on.

First I downloaded this editable student list and filled one with my kids first and last names.

 Then I made 1 billion copies. Seriously, I really did because I'll be using one for everything.

Then I fill them in. I label a different sheet for each benchmark and also use Quarter 1,2,3,4 for data collections. This allows me to see it in one place. I really CAN NOT stand looking through STAR data and benchmark stuff after I use it. It is just too confusing and usually has a surplus of information that isn't what I'm looking for. This way it is short and sweet. Here I've circled my students who are below level.

Hopefully this gives you an idea on how to simplify all your paperwork. Write it down and THROW IT AWAY!!! (You can always view/reprint the report again;) 
You can also do this via computer by downloading the files and saving them to your GoogleDocs or desktop. I'd be sure to back it up on GoogleDocs if you choose to do this in case your computer crashes. 

This is helping me keep my sanity.

Good luck.