Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Organizing Units of Instruction

Organizing our "Units of Instruction" will be the death of me this year. We have to create units meeting state wide criteria throughout the year and turn them into our district for "grading". If you ask me it is a huge waste of paperwork to fill out but it has a good purpose---to organize a unit that you can reuse year after year.

At the beginning of each unit we have an outline of the standards. I believe that we used these.

 Next, we put copies of the I can statements. We post these in our class on our "I can" wall.

After  that, I have my student checklist of standards. This allows me to do a quick assessment while walking around the room or doing an exit slip. I can track all this for RTI. These came from here, I think!

My co-teacher has helped me become extremely organized this year and I can't imagine doing it any other way. We write out our daily plans which has helped me TONS.

After that we put all of our resources, practices and assessments in order of the standards under each day. 
Life is easy. (Until you have to plan the next unit of course)

How do you organize your units? I did them online the previous two years but this year I went back to paper. I think it is much easier to understand what you are teaching if you can actually hold the papers in your hand..but maybe that is just me!


Becky said...

Hi! I know this is old, but I LOVE THIS! So helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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