Monday, November 25, 2013

Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

If you knew  me in real life you'd know that I enjoy some of the finer things in life. You know all the stuff I can't afford on a poor teacher's budget. In order to enjoy these things I've become a really good shopper over the past several years. To me it is important to save on the necessities and splurge on the un-necessities.. Right? I always try to find classic pieces that I can wear year after year. This is how I have found happiness, I swear;) No trendy business. With this in mind I've found a few recent purchases that I suggest you splurge on! 1...2...3..SHOP

If your building is a little lax like mine these are perfect to be comfy at your horseshoe table without wearing those boring old lady dress pants..I'm actually wearing them right now and they are PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. Plus free shipping..what more could you ask for?

Another Nordstrom find..this time on the sale rack. I must admit that this is the most comfortable item I have purchased all year. They have 18 different colors and it feels like a sweatshirt. It is so sassy I swear you need to add this to your Christmas list.

A white blouse is a must have. I have one similar to this that I found at T.J. Maxx. Although it is sheer it is school appropriate if you wear a long sleeve white shirt underneath it. On weekends wear a tank top.

In order to celebrate my piles upon piles of ungraded papers I'm drinking wine instead. And gooing over pictures of my adorable niece and giving myself a homemade mani/pedi..because obviously no one can afford a gel mani unless they do it at home.. And if you do like me don't buy Shellac brand. I've found something cheaper (Of course) from Sally's.

Thee end.