Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014.

Welcome 2014.
After months of hiatus from my itty bitty blog. I'm coming back. I don't think I could explain how stressful moving to a new district and grade have been for me. Plus, let us not forget my Masters..which I will be done with in about 2 months! I'm on my last class and can't hardly believe it.  I felt like everything I did in third grade I was excited to share but now that I'm in 5th grade I'm having a hard time getting that same excitement...since everything I do is someone else's idea. The move to all common core without resources has been difficult but I'm hoping this new year is going to bring new ideas and new excitement to my classroom. I'm still on Christmas break but and looking forward to going back to work next Tuesday. Wish me luck.