Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kicking off Another Narrative Writing Unit

Before starting this writing unit I met with my principal to brainstorm some ideas on how to kick it off. He is an excellent curriculum coach and he always seems to know what the best learning approach is. With his advice and a little of my own tweaking we worked on my unit that I created (still creating) from pulling resources from many random places. Most of my inspiration came from Kelly Anne's unit . She has awesome organizational ideas and mini lessons that I can add my own touch to!
I teach writing to twodifferent sections and they are very different groups. I was really surprised how well this went with both of them and both classes came up with different ideas that impressed me.

To start it off I divided kids into groups of 4-5 and gave them each a couple of books with a post it note. I told them all the books in front of them were narrative text and we are going to be looking through them to create a list of what makes them a narrative text. At first they were totally lost so I had to do some prompting. I took them to look at the cover pages and write what they notice, go through the text and write what they see or don't see. I gave them about 5-10 minutes and they created their list. At the end we collected back up as a group and everyone gave their ideas to create our "Master list"... Excuse the sloppiness. I only get about 35-40 minutes with one of my classes and my paper is taped to the wall when I write on it! We waste no time!! And don't worry...These were tossed after we created out master list.. I'm not hanging these up:)

After our discussions, the next day I went back over the other class' list and we talked about any differences that we missed as a whole.
For commonality purposes and to have everything in the same spot I typed up our final checklist. We will be using this throughout our story and during the grading process. You may notice that we put figurative speech in our writing. We are currently learning that in reading so we will be incorporating it into our writing for better understanding. You can download the editable version for yourself here.  After this we worked on creating a character and then pre-writing on a roller coaster format. What do you do to kick off your unit? Please note we did a pre-test writing prompt too:)


Kelly Anne said...

Hooray! I stumbled across your blog today and am so happy to see that you're able to use my unit. it's so important to "make it your own" and work in your classroom! Thank you so much for sharing it :) Happy Narrative Writing!!

XO, Kelly Anne

Courtney @ said...

Thanks again!