Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moving to the Red Wing

The room I'm moving into next fall is in the red wing. These pictures do it justice, the color really is that bad. It currently is occupied by a 3rd grade teacher. She left last week on a maternity leave so basically all of her things are gone. She is staying home with her baby next year and her position isn't needed so they won't be refilling her. Hence I'm taking her space.
When you walk in the room you have a nice sunny wall....then

 BAM. Your eyes start to bleed.

Luckily I can cover this board with pretty paper.

But if you move your head to the right you can get these... I think my anchor charts will go here for sure.

They said I could put in a summer request for them to paint the red wall so that will be top priority...
Does anyone ask teachers' opinions when building these puppies?
Regardless I'm excited for the move and can't wait to decorate...with less brain washing colors of course.

I'll miss my little nook in the green hallway (see my perdy green cabinets and seafoam wall?)
but ready for smaller adventures... 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five For Friday One Day Early.

Woo Hoo! It is almost Friday. Hello three day weekend!

 1) I was nominated by Emily over at Third in Hollywood for the Sunshine award! How fun! She has the cutest little blog and teaches 3rd grade. 

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure to eat?
Omgoodness, I love licorice--the pull apart kind. I can't even buy them or I eat the whole package. whoops.

2. If you could go anywhere for one day, where would you go?
For the day? Probably NYC. I don't think I'd want to stay long so a day would be long enough for me there.

3. What is your unit to teach?
I love all things math. 3rd grade math! 5th grade math! You name it I love it! I hope I'm good at teaching second grade math next fall.

4. Why did you become a teacher?
I became a teacher after a ASB trip though Mizzou with Teach for America. I visited inner city schools in Philadelphia, PA and fell in love! 
Check out my story HERE

5. If you could do anything other than teaching, what would it be?
Stay at home mom, no seriously. I never wanted to work my whole life. I came from a stay at home mom household and they are the best. I'd also would like to work at Nordstrom, except the closer one is 130 miles away from my house. I wish I could be a makeup artist too.. hummmm

6. If you had one hour of free time, what would you do?
I enjoy spending time outside with the dogs and my little piggy, hanging in the yard!

7. What is the worst part about teaching?
crazy parents and kids that are sneaky and lice

8. What is your favorite part about summer?
Sleeping in, long days, cold drinks

9. Do you have a nickname?
Growing up I was called No-Duh, Froggy, Monkey and now it has turned into Cokey or Miss Jeans

10. What do you eat for lunch while you're at school teaching?
sometimes school lunch and sometimes I bring leftovers, sandwiches, salads.. really whatever. 

2) I have to have to have to finish my THESIS this weekend. Did I mention I have to? I'm so behind. I'm so over grad school. I'm a better teacher than student, I promise!!

3) We finished 4 days of MAP testing this week and I am WORN OUT. I showed a movie this afternoon. I seriously couldn't make my kids do anymore work. They tested for two solid hours this morning. The torture!!

4) I'm obsessed with my new bracelets from Southern Stones (Link in Tuesday's Post)
I ended up ordering two more today. Obviously I have a shopping problem.
The Audra

The Rachelle

5.  I just almost fell asleep in my Data Team meeting. It was miserable. Sorry It's Thursday of Easter weekend.

and now that I missed crossfit because I just sat at an IEP meeting and data meeting. I'm going to go home and snuggle this little 12 week old gentleman. Best thing about dating a professional retriever trainer is all the puppies. Also we will have more puppies in 63 days if anyone is interested:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MAP Testing Parent Letters & $1,200 Classroom Spending

Today I arrived at approximately 8:02 AM which is 2 minutes later than I should be here and which is also about 45 minutes later than I usually arrive. I've never been late to work in my three years of teaching except for this morning.. I'm actually usually never late anywhere. Off the bat, one of my lovely (a real gem) students told me I didn't match today. I took off my pink coat and she was seriously offended. "Miss Janes, that does not match." I asked her why not and she told me that white does not match my "whatever those things you wear all the time." humm.. a cardigan? She is also the one who asked me today what a fire hydrant was...I'll take her fashion advice with a grain of salt I suppose...

I took it was cute?

I was so excited that my bangles from Southern Stones arrived a couple days ago!  If you are looking to bangle I would highly recommend her. She is so sweet and has fast shipping. She is totally affordable as well. Find her on the gram.

We also started MAP testing today which went pretty smoothly. Must be something with 5th graders---they are ole' pros by now. The first morning of MAP testing is always special to me. For three years of my career I've always had my parents write letters of encouragement to their child and every year these letters bring lots of smiles (and sometimes tears). (You can see last year's post here)

This year I modified the parent letter on Smart Little Cookies since 5th graders probably wouldn't be that into it:)  I would really encourage you to do this, you'd be surprised which parents really step it up---EVEN the ones you haven't heard from all year long:)

 A few ladies showing off their parent letters and pictures!

Next up on the plate: All grade levels are getting $1,200 to spend on curriculum for next school year AND we need help! Next fall I'll be teaching 2nd grade and I don't know what I already have or what I need!!

I would really like to purchase about 5 books that could be used as read alouds for teaching specific skills, using the book list above. I'd like to put these books in tubs in my cabinet already sorted so I can just pull them out when needed.

Anyone teaching second have something they love and can't live without? PLEASE TELL ME NOW!! We have no curriculum whatsoever. ANYTHING GOES.

Is anyone willing to share their set up of their second grade day? I'd love to see a detailed version of your schedule:) Happy test taking!

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm moving...on down!

After one year in fifth grade my duties are complete!! I'm excited to announce I'll be teaching second grade next fall! Same building, new wing, new ideas. I could not be more excited. I love fifth grade, but honestly it isn't 100% me. Another addition to my resume. 3 grades in 4 years. What am I getting myself into?