Friday, September 30, 2016

Currently Teaching....and Anchor Charts

Happy fall!! September has flown by and this is what we are currently doing in second grade! Scroll down for our anchor charts:)

Morning Work:
This is the third year I've used this and I still enjoy it! Third grade teachers also use the third grade packet and they enjoy it too!


Phonics is something we picked back up this year. I'm hoping it will eventually click! There are always those holes from first grade so I'm hoping to fill them in with a quick exit ticket each morning. I also put these cheat sheets up so they can choose a blend, digraph, etc.. or else you may get some WILD combos. 


I swear by Jessica's stuff from Second Grade Nest! She is amazing!

Skill Focus:
This resource is great! We made a collective noun class book yesterday with this unit and they turned out adorable! I wish I could upload them all. It was a fun way to end our 4 day week.


This is the first time in 3 years of teaching second grade I've felt confident in teaching narratives! It really breaks it down!

We are on Module 2 of Eureka Math which is measurement!
It can be found HERE. We supplement it with ZEARN.ORG. We just started using it and my kids are loving it!


This has kept me focused! 

Kids think they are doing less work since it's only a half sheet:)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stick a Fork in Me...we're DONE!

Found this in my drafts from May:
Tomorrow is my last day... As crazy as this school year was I really enjoyed this class....all 25 of them! 

What a rotten group!

Yesterday we spent the entire day cleaning the room and getting everything packed up, now that it's done we can spend the rest of the day enjoying our friends!

We did a couple of memory books!

This one seemed to be the most favorable!

We ended by doing a self-assessment. They were pretty on target!