Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's talk BABIES!

Babies seem to be springing up out of no where this year and it's so exciting. Here are a few of my favorite gifts to give...or get! In case you don't know me personally we are welcoming a sweet baby girl in January 2018!

These will not disappoint! Enjoy!

I recently gifted this to my neighbor, Karlee, it is so sweet and obviously soft! What I loved about this is it is masculine enough for a boy but sweet enough for her next baby..which I hope will be a girl:) Oh yea and sign up for their mailing list for an instant e-mail for 10% off..You can always unsubscribe after your purchase!

I seriously can't get enough of this shop! has the most adorable and unique gifts. I snagged up this personalized organic swaddle blanket this winter when Sloane was born. They take a few weeks to deliver but they are worth every penny!

I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of the bandanna bibs I ordered for my favorite twins last month.  I was seriously impressed with not only the quality but how darling they were. I may have ordered an extra one for Quinnlyn! Her fabrics are also adorable and she has over 200 to choose from. Best of all! She is giving everyone 10% off their next order of $20 or more now through the end of July with code "TEACH10". Thanks Julie!!!

I've ordered over 100 items from Charming Damsel over the past couple years  (She made all my RiverTown headbands) Not only is all her work pure perfection her trends are on point and she is always adding more things. Best of all, her company just changed to ready to ship so there is not a wait time! Who wouldn't want a baby burrito as cute as Miss Ava?

I order four of these darling bows and gifted two and kept two! They are so big which I love and adjustable. I found them also to be more affordable then the other ones I was originally looking for!

I recently came across Madeline's Box on Instagram and fell in love with everything at her store. Best of all she's having a HUGE sale right now with 30% off everything in her whole store until tomorrow night! I order the Giraffe pacifier clip and a braided headband in salt water taffy! The code from her IG is "HOORAY30" for 30% off!

Looking for a card to toss in the bag!? I scored the most almost twin card HERE from AvEHdesigns! It appears her stock is running a little low right now but check back often because she offered our readers 20% with the code "CARDSFORYOU20"! 

I may have saved my favorite for last! Custom sheets are a must have in my book. You can also find some HERE and HERE.


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