Friday, April 20, 2018

Baby Gifts We Loved..on Amazon!

I was overwhelmed with the generosity of baby gifts we received for sweet Q! Here's a few unique ones I had to share that any soon to be mama would love! Better yet..most of they are PRIMEABLE.. or at least on Amazon. Enjoy!

1)3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag 
The 3 Sprouts Mat is great for taking toys, books, and other goodies on the go. You can toss everything inside. Velcro the sides together and it even has a handle--so it turns into a bag! I love it.. I'm stealing this gift idea from one of my girlfriends who loves to gift it too! Plus you can use it for tummy time.

2) Baby Nasal Aspirator
The whole sucking the snot out of my baby's nose isn't for me! This thing works miracles on little boogers. 

 3)The Honest Company Baby Wipes
I was really impressed with the Honest Company Wipes. They are thick, durable, and not overly they leave the rear clean and dry!

4)  Burt's Bees Baby Skin Care
After trying a few other brands we finally found a wash that wasn't overly drying or harsh on her newborn skin. Plus it smells so sweet. 

 5)  Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover
I can't imagine life without this in the winter. It blocks the sun, wind, and germs! Gives the whole "Don't touch my baby" vibe without having to say it. But the vented top allows you to easily see them.

6) Baby Teether Bracelet Silicone/Wooden
These are great for growing teeth and for learning to hold and grasp. 

7)  Baby Signs Book
We can't wait to use this in a few months! Babies using sign language is seriously the most precious thing ever.

 8) Nylon Bow Headbands
The bows with the nylon are so easy to put on and actually stay put! Plus these neutrals match everything. 

9) Wearable Baby Wrap 
I actually have the Solly wrap (Which I adore) but this one is comparable.. and cheaper...and on Amazon. It is the only way to get any housework done!

10) HALO Muslin Sleepsack
These are a lifesaver for nighttime! I sleep much better knowing the swaddle isn't going to be kicked over her face. The fleece versionis perfect for cold nights!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

FAVORITE Skincare Ole' Henriksen Edition!

Last year I fell in LOVEEE with Ole' Henriksen products! They are lightweight, leave a great texture, and make my skin feeling so fresh. After we bought a boat last summer I had the WORST sunburn ever (thank you pregnancy hormones) an the Sheer Transformation  Moisturizer not only prevented my burn from peeling all over my face but healed it faster than I could have ever imagined!

Check them out:) 
1.Truth Serum- I use this is the AM after I shower and follow up with a moisturizer.. I'm wanting to try the Truth Brightening Moisturizer (#4)! I'm currently using an off brand. 
2. Sheer Transformation Moisturizer- This is great for dry skin, sun burns..ANYTHING! I use it at night after I put the youth activating oil  (below) and let it sit in.
3. Ole's Dream Team- Youth Activating Oil & Night Transformation Gel  The Night gel is another one I use at night before the night oil. 
4. Truth Revealed Brightening Moisturizer Spf 15- I haven't tried this one yet but it is next on my list.
5. 2-in-Polishing Sugar Mask- The Sugar mask is another favorite!!! I love how smooth this makes my skin. I use this whenever I need a pick-me-up:) 
Right now you can get a FREE .25oz Truth Serum with any $25 purchase at OLEHENRIKSEN®.comwith code CTRUTH at the checkout plus FREE SHIPPING with any order over $50! This offer ends 07-01-2018:)

Ole Henriksen